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Thursday, February 9, 2017

My Trip to South Korea - Part 1

Ohhhhh Yeahhhh!!!....

At last I stepped foot in South Korea (SK)....
The country that I always imagine going to...
The BBQ's... Kimchi (not a fan).. INSTANT noodle.. (my man and my dad hates it.. BUT I like it)
What else??? FISH CAKE.... I love it...

My first and probably only love in SK which I miss till now..
More story to this meal which I will share later on..

It was a 12 days trip including flight hours...   21/12/2016 to 1/1/2017 

SG-KL (Silk Air)
KL-HCM (Vietnam Air)
HCM-PUS (Vietnam Air)
PUS-CJU (Jeju Air)
CJU-GMP (Asiana Air)
ICN - HCM (Viet Jet Air)
HCM-SG (Viet Jet Air)

7 flights to catch just for a SK trip.....


Departed SG about 3pm to get onto my plane to KL... it was a normal journey.. nothing unusual... just made sure I was on the flight.. That was the whole aim...

SG-KL waiting for my flight.. 
This purple bag flew with me many times... Never left at home if I'm flying

The reason why I choose to fly from KL was because the flight ticket KL-HCM-PUS was about 495.9RM when we decided to buy the ticket and also thought, me and the rest could fly together but kinda got cheated because there was only 1 seat left and I bought the ticket 1st.. Then my bro.. So we both flew Vietnam Air on almost same time but 2 different transit.. I was at Ho Chi Min and he was at Hanoi probably checking out the girls during our LONG stop...

Reached KLIA met up with my brother with the thought in our head that we will reach Busan at 6 am on 22/12/2016 which we later got to know that our flight was delayed 6 hours... In other words we will be in Busan at 12pm... 

arrrghhhhh.. who cares lar... dont delay any longer can ady... I got to know later on that Vietnam Airlines pilots don't like to fly midnight flight... Let me know if this isn't correct..

 I forgot to bring my earphones and wanted 1.. so I got it through the vending machine in KLIA for 25RM
 My meal on board from KL-HCM
..Its either chicken or beef... of cz choose chicken 

 Transit... Passangers get free food.. and blanket because it will be cold night..
No doubt the weather at Busan was bad.. but the fact that they had a specific time - 6am to fly.. ermmmm.. 

 I hated that I did not have a 2 pin plug in my bag.. 
I did not get to charge my phone = no game to play.. No entertainment to keep me entertained and all the SK ppls were Hangul-ing away.

 Who on earth gets hungry after a meal in the flight and in the wee hour.. 12am - 6am???
Certainly not me... the meal provided comes with a drink.. so i traded my food for a bottle of water and a can on pepsi
 done sleeping... its now time to wash up and board my flight to Busan..
 At last.... I see my flight number appearing on the screen..
 2nd mean on board... HCM-PUS.. fish this time since I had chicken earlier
After a long hour flight KL-HCM-PUS (more than 12 hours)... we finally meet
7 or was it 11 Celsius if not mistaken.. not feeling cold yet..
All I needed at that time was toilet to do business and bath...
No business can be done in HCM due to no bidet found..
More like maid at that time only...

My bro insist that we take the train even though I told him I want to take a cab
 So this was it... My love, we found you in the train station and I immediately stopped my bro and he 😏 rolled his eye at me... "If we didn't take the train you wouldn't have the chance to eat this"..
I dont remember which station this was.. but definitely a transit..

Oh yeah.. don't simply feed a different gender unless you want ppl to go 'wwwooooowww' at you..
My family never had this issue about feeding each other and we didn't know that school girls there gets jealous of such action.. The ajumma there smiled at us and I had to tell her is was my brother "dongseng"... sweat..!!!!

 This was the long stair that will bring us to our hotel.. but i definitely did not take this or I would have died OTS... Never will I...

On the way here.. we had to transit at least 3 station and all trains were packed especially the last..
My last train journey, I lost my bro because the ajumma's wouldn't let me out even after me saying excuse me because I was too soft and excuse me doesn't work considering they may not understand English and they don't care.. All I needed to do was push my way out.. at the next station and take the next train back.. =(

 Bus ride to Gamchon Cultural Village
 Fish cake again...
 Hot Dog w Topokki & potato sausage
ssiathotteok which taste like appambalik...

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Gamchon cultural village... Its a FISH design at the back..
Image may contain: sky and outdoor
It gets dark as early as 5pm
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Me and bro just being silly...

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1st night already requested for BBQ... I have thins thing for BBQ.. don't care here or SK... where ever..

Image may contain: food
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BBQ not enough... sit in the roadside covered stall to eat more

This photo sums up all the things I ate in that 1st days in Busan... from my Instagram page...

smmanan I've eaten 10 different item today... #fishcake #takoyaki #topokki #ssiathotteok #samgyeopsal#cheesechicken #hotdog with topokki #potatohotdog #friedchicken #icecream ... #yummmzz #ilike #ilove .. I had uncountable of fishcake.. can't get enough of it.. 😘 #food #korean #busan

This is just my part 1 on Busan.. more part to finish my 10 other days...

Till then.....

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