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Sunday, July 3, 2016

The best proposal??


No proposal would have surprised me.
No proposal would have kept me patient waiting for him to ask 'will you marry me?'
No proposal would have made me tear.
No proposal would have made me satisfied..

Been with the same guy for the past 11 years and I know he is the one.
All his moves, I know.

All his surprises??
I admit there are moment/things the he did previously did surprise me..

I'm not a very patient person..
If you were to make me wait, dance, paper proposal, go on your knees, or any sort that takes time for you to insert the ring - I will walk away.. Maybe run.. Cz I feel weird.. Scared.. 
Because it feels so not me.. So funny..

I like surprises.. But dancing, paper proposal, going on your knees, gives me time to think..

Maybe if you put the ring in my food?? ( I chew my food, so no worries about me being chocked) I'll probably consider that proposal as a surprise.. 

Don't go on your knees.. Cz I'm marrying you even if you stand.. 😆😆

I'm a practical person.. I date him knowing that I wanna spend my life with him..
I date him because I want to marry him..

Proposal or not.. He is mine 😊😊

I guess I got a good deal.

He didn't need to go on his knees..
He asked my dad-> my dad said yes -> he came with his whole family to ask my dad (family) for my hand in marriage and  we both got each a ring on both our finger.😉 fair deal huh??

And I am officially ENGAGED....!!!!!

As usual I wasn't the shy girl on that night.. 
I was myself and I was excited.. 
Too many eyes on me..
And I was dolled up in traditional wear..

Wonderful-happy night...

This is me seated on the floor & selfie-ing while waiting to be called out to collect my saree from the in-law. *excited* 


sexyback^^ said...

Congrate again Sharm. ��

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Thank you buddy

woaini_87 said...

Thank you

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