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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016 CNY

This year is probably my saddest Chinese New Year.


1. Because I change job, I didn't take a week leave..
2. Took a 7 hour bus ride home all because the 2nd immigration stop was inefficient..
3. My 年(year) 30 night meal was just the 5 of us and no grandmother to say 'ah po eat'..
4. Had a severe asthma attack but did not die.
5. Attack symptom continued for 2 weeks.
6. Journey down south was alone..
7. Rate was low so not enough money to enjoy.
8. Only had 1 Yee sang toast for the 15 days of CNY.. How pathetic??
9. Ang pau collection? Don't mention because it's just tradition and since I'm single, they give I take lor..
10. Office angpau? Sumore don't say.. None..

Despite all those.. I'm just happy that I'm happy. It's time like this I spend more time with family.. 
It's time like this that gives me chance to go home.
It's time like this that I'm happy..

Not seeing my parents for 2 months and going home makes me emotional and I'm happy that I have these feelings..

Hope everyone had a good CNY

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