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Friday, December 4, 2015

Korean spicy instant noodle

It's been sometime since I bought and kept it in the drawer.. At last, I've decided to give it a try..

Awesomely spicy..
Super spicy..

I re-boiled my noodle.. So it became very soft.
Just read the 1st half of my post and stop if you cannot take the idea of a popper life.

Add in the white saseme and seaweed and the super duper spicy chilly.

1st I added half but then changed my mind and and poured in the whole packet of chilli sauce.

Okay.. I had my 1st bite.. 2nd bite and at my 3rd bite I stopped... Ssssssssss sssssssss sssssss.. Spicyyy kau kau..

I stop, drank water.. Took another bite then drank water then eat again then gulp down the rest of the noodle and STOP...urgh...soooo spicy

I don't think I can finish the other 2 packet.. Let's take it slow..

K.. Stop here.. Don't continue.. Because I did something very awful..something only people who don't have food will do.. Some1 who did not eat for days will no.. 

It's so not me....!!!!!

Stop... Just stop
No, just continue..

So when I was pouring out the water Afte soaking my noodle, half of the noodle dropped out into the sink 😑😞😕☹️🤔😣...

Dont judge me..

I took up the noodle.. Gave it a rinse.. Recooked the noodle on the stove and ate it..

Don't judge me... Don't..

I know I know.. It's not like I don't have money to buy more noodle.. But in my heart and brain, I was just thinking of all those people who did not have food.

It wasn't like my sink was dirty.. It wasn't like it fell on the floor.. 

Ermmmm.. It's okay.. Like we have 3 mnt rules in mamak when we know the cloth they use to wipe the table may not be very clean either..

It's okay.. 

I did not waste food  =)

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