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Tuesday, December 29, 2015


When all you want to do is snack...

Good? Yea
Nice? Yea
Salty? Just nice

I was in a hurry to fry it that I didn't take photos of my ingredients and the process...

2 chilli padi
1 medium size onion
1 handful of anchovy
1 tea spoon of soy sauce
Oil for frying

Chop the chilli padi as big or as small as you like.. Do the same to the onions ( I hate onion so the bigger the better).

Fry your anchovy.. When it is crunchy, you either take out the anchovy and pour out the oil, or just pour out the oil and leave the anchovy in the pan.. Get what I mean. Basically just take out the oil.

Next, put in the chilipadi and onion then fry them all together.

Sprinkle the soy sauce on the anchovy and ready to serve..

Yummmm yummmm

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tong Yuen

Did I tell you I've shifted?

I no longer stay in a room only.. I've got a whole house now.. With a KITCHEN..

I don't cook, don't know how to cook, but I like cooking..

Don't ask me how that can even happen.. But it's just like that..

I tried making tom yam soup the other time.. Looks like I haven't post about that.. I shall do that later... 

Today I made Tong Yuen, tang yuan, glutinous rice ball.. Whatever you want to call it..

Last time when I stayed with my parents, I used to only help my mum roll the flour into balls without knowing any steps to making it. Today, with my sister's guidance, I've completed my tong yuen...

I'm glad with the outcome, but I think a little more sugar will be better.. Maybe cz  it's cold, so the sugar don't taste as sweet as it was when it was hot.

All I used was :-
I wanted to put pandan leaf but no sight of it so ended up with the artificial flavor only. 

Make your syrup 1st... Water, rock sugar ginger (as much as you want) and pandan flavour (real pandan will be better)

Once the rock sugar dilutes, taste your syrup.. Add sugar as much as you want according to your taste.

Once it's to your liking, off the stove and let it cool down. Put it into the fridge after that for cold syrup.

Next - Rolled 1 original, white and 2 colored - green apple and cochineal red..

1. Make sure you do not have any items on your finger, i.e. ring.
2. Don't directly roll the flour with colour on your palm.. Your hand might turn red.

Not too dry not too wet, just right.

Do any shape that you like.. I tried the paws, round, slightly squared, burger and one funny looking no idea what it is..

I put all this on a cling film so that it doesn't stick on the plate and easy removed.

Okay.. The difficult part here was the rolled flour gets dried easily because it was sunny today.. Try doing it when the weather isn't very hot/dry.

Now, throw all of them into boiling hot water.. Take out when it starts floating...
All came up and I slowly scoped them up and put them into a bowl of water with ice so that it will be QQ..

By now, your syrup would have been cold.. Take them out from the fridge, put all your tong yuen in the syrup and put back into the fridge.. 

Let them soak in the syrup for as long as you want..

After 20-30mnt-ready to be served...

Yummy yummy...
I'm happy
I'm satisfied

I got to know if you want your tong yuen to be sweet, add sugar into your flour when you roll it..

Now, dong zi is on 22 December 2015, so make your own tong yuen now.. 

Bye bye.... 

Yummy yummmmzzzz

Friday, December 4, 2015

Korean spicy instant noodle

It's been sometime since I bought and kept it in the drawer.. At last, I've decided to give it a try..

Awesomely spicy..
Super spicy..

I re-boiled my noodle.. So it became very soft.
Just read the 1st half of my post and stop if you cannot take the idea of a popper life.

Add in the white saseme and seaweed and the super duper spicy chilly.

1st I added half but then changed my mind and and poured in the whole packet of chilli sauce.

Okay.. I had my 1st bite.. 2nd bite and at my 3rd bite I stopped... Ssssssssss sssssssss sssssss.. Spicyyy kau kau..

I stop, drank water.. Took another bite then drank water then eat again then gulp down the rest of the noodle and STOP...urgh...soooo spicy

I don't think I can finish the other 2 packet.. Let's take it slow..

K.. Stop here.. Don't continue.. Because I did something very awful..something only people who don't have food will do.. Some1 who did not eat for days will no.. 

It's so not me....!!!!!

Stop... Just stop
No, just continue..

So when I was pouring out the water Afte soaking my noodle, half of the noodle dropped out into the sink 😑😞😕☹️🤔😣...

Dont judge me..

I took up the noodle.. Gave it a rinse.. Recooked the noodle on the stove and ate it..

Don't judge me... Don't..

I know I know.. It's not like I don't have money to buy more noodle.. But in my heart and brain, I was just thinking of all those people who did not have food.

It wasn't like my sink was dirty.. It wasn't like it fell on the floor.. 

Ermmmm.. It's okay.. Like we have 3 mnt rules in mamak when we know the cloth they use to wipe the table may not be very clean either..

It's okay.. 

I did not waste food  =)

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