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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Korean Meals

You know you are a Korean food addict when all you want is BBQ-Ing the pork meat.. Dipping into their Korean chilly sauce and the saseme oil with pepper and salt and wrapping it in the big long wide leaf with some kimchi and raddish and dipping it into the chilly sauce again....

IM HUNGRY as I type out this post.

Having ala-cart Korean food is EXPENSIVE.. So what I do now is find for buffet Korean BBQ and eat all I can.. 

Pork and pork and pork.. Trust me I love pork so much.. So much that I gain weight EVERYTIME I eat them..

This was at Ssikkek - Laman Rimbunan, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. I paid RM39.90 per person. 

5 person went, we had many rounds of pork & squid.. It was some kind of satisfaction when you don't need to look at the price on the menu and keep refilling your pork.. 😋

The only setback at this place is, there is no proper ventilation and I was practically tearing EVERYTIME the spicy squid was on the BBQ stove.. 

Tried my level best to use the tissues as little as I can.. Despite how I teared, the squid was delicious whenever it entered my salivating mouth.. Check-out my insta to see the squid tentacles moving when we were BBQ-ing it. I was so amused..

Yeah, I get amused at every little thing.

The glass noodle and kimchi pancake was nice.. They don't have much variety for cooked food.

Don't expect to have variety..

At the end of the day I was a satisfied little pig.. 😊

Oh yeah, most important was there were no time limit.. Eat all you can all the time.. 

Do find them on Facebook.. 

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