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Monday, July 6, 2015

Born a Scorpion

I'm a scorpion and I think I do live by the characteristic of a scorpion..a very strong scorpion...

Stay in your territory without getting into mine is the best way.
Stay in your path without crossing mine is the best way.

Faithful? OF CZ unless you break my trust first.
I'm trustworthy? EXTREMELY.. Secrets with me are safe unless you are hurting another party but I'll still keep your secret but give indication to the other person 😉.
I'm a good person? YES, till you hurt me.
Forgiving? YES. No second time
Forgetting? NEVER. It stays in my memory forever.
I'm jealous? EXTREMELY.!! So don't even put your foot near my relationship or I'll burn you in and out.

All in all, you don't hurt me I don't hurt you.
So get on you way and stay far from me.

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