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Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Here I was thinking I have my 'Nets' with me.

I asked my sisters do they want anything from SG since I'm going back this weekend.

Younger sister said she wanted chocolates.

Me being a good sister, went to value..

Picked up so many things. Filled up the empty basket till it was full.

Went to the check-out counter.. While she was scanning my purchase, I was finding for my nets card.

To no avail, it wasn't in my purse. Checked my bag.. NO.!! It's not there.. I had 30 dollar in my purse.. Praying that it does not exceed the amount I have in my purse..

GOD..!!! I wish you sent my bf over that very moment..!!!

Total came to $42.50.. 


I wish I can disappear..!!!!
I wish I had enough cash..!!!!
I wish my nets card could appear...!!!!

Nothing happened..

I took out my Malaysia credit card.

The cashier lady said 'cash or nets only'..



I told her 'I don't know where my nets is. And I don't have that much cash.. You'll have to cancel my purchase'

She gave me that wtf look and asked 'you sure?'

I said YES.. No cash no nets and smiled at her..

Everything was packe in the bag d.. She keyed in the cash register and canceled my purchase and told the other girl to put back all the stuffs..

The lady queuing behind me was like 'cancel?'

Yes aunty. I forgot where I left my nets..


One of my worse days

Can't go back anytime soon.. =)

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