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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Claypot Chicken Rice from Malaysia Boleh

When you are left alone, Don't be afraid. 

Explore the world by yourself. 

Today I took a 1 hour 20 mnt bus ride to Jurong Point to try out the food in 'Malaysia Boleh' food court.. 

Had the claypot chicken rice and Penang chendol. 

Still craving for my keropok lekor.. Miss it so much.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


One day - when you decide to blame your mistake on others THINK because no one forced you to do the mistake.

When you think that you downfall in life is going to be because of another person THINK because you have a choice.

When you think that you downfall was because of another person THINK what did you do then, to fall.

When you think you are going to blame others THINK.!!! THINK..!!! &THINK..!!!

You have the choice.

You had the choice.


Don't learn the blame game because you wouldn't like the same game when it is played on YOU.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


What do you do to make urself happy?

Eating makes me happy.

This squeezed idli with rasam made me happy today.

Try it and tell me if you liked it too..

People actually find me weird because I practically have all my Indian food with rasam (Indian soup).

I love it like that.

Enjoy your food the way you like.

Even if you were to lick your fingers in public. Do it. Enjoy it the way you like.

I remember once where there were still rasam on my leaf and I didn't want to waste it. I took my straw n siped it.. 


Will life be better?

Today I got up freaking early and left the house early.

All I see are sleepy faces. I'm one of them.

The train is freaking hot and I'm like 'nose leaking' after I sneeze. Damn

I hate to be in such situation.

I've got meeting with 2 clients today. Hopefully all goes well.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Everyday seems to be the same.. 

I get up the same time

I eat the same thing

I see the same people

I take the same road

I do the same thing

No different staying here or there..

I do almost the same stuff with the same people wherever I am

Wish to have my own kitchen soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Here I was thinking I have my 'Nets' with me.

I asked my sisters do they want anything from SG since I'm going back this weekend.

Younger sister said she wanted chocolates.

Me being a good sister, went to value..

Picked up so many things. Filled up the empty basket till it was full.

Went to the check-out counter.. While she was scanning my purchase, I was finding for my nets card.

To no avail, it wasn't in my purse. Checked my bag.. NO.!! It's not there.. I had 30 dollar in my purse.. Praying that it does not exceed the amount I have in my purse..

GOD..!!! I wish you sent my bf over that very moment..!!!

Total came to $42.50.. 


I wish I can disappear..!!!!
I wish I had enough cash..!!!!
I wish my nets card could appear...!!!!

Nothing happened..

I took out my Malaysia credit card.

The cashier lady said 'cash or nets only'..



I told her 'I don't know where my nets is. And I don't have that much cash.. You'll have to cancel my purchase'

She gave me that wtf look and asked 'you sure?'

I said YES.. No cash no nets and smiled at her..

Everything was packe in the bag d.. She keyed in the cash register and canceled my purchase and told the other girl to put back all the stuffs..

The lady queuing behind me was like 'cancel?'

Yes aunty. I forgot where I left my nets..


One of my worse days

Can't go back anytime soon.. =)

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