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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dumpling in the month of August

I don't remember when was the real date already.
When I was craving for it, I didn't get the chance to eat.
I'm far away from home.
No longer going home everyday.

While I was walking in the shopping mall (nex serangoon), I saw this shop selling it. 
I totally lost control. 
The only thought on my head was 'I wanna eat dumpling. Got egg yolk, I'll take it out. Got beans, I'll take that out too'
All I wanted was the rice, the mushroom and the pork.

*Now that I'm writing this, I wanna eat it again.*

I bought it for s$3.

I find it expensive, cz all this while I had my aunt custom made my dumpling every year and it's free. Never needed to buy.

I brought back home, had my dinner and was kinda full. Didn't want to force myself with the dumpling so I opened the wrapping and put it into a container so that I could keep it in the fridge and have it for breakfast the next morning.

I got up the next mornig and I heated the dumpling.

To my surprise, hen I opened up the center of the dumpling IT WAS JUST THE WAY I LIKE.!!!!


Worth it.. 

My saliva was forming..

I immediately gulp my dumpling down my throat.


I wish I had my own place to do my own dumpling..

Save up all my money to get a good hse and renovate my kitchen just the way I like...

My ugly looking dumpling after opening the center portion. No yolk No bean.

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