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Monday, June 23, 2014

My cravings

Now that I'm far away from home, I'm missing all the people (especially my omma), the food (MIL's sardine sambal and rasam).

I miss the freedom I once had (the car).

I miss the times I can just call my omma n tell her I want to eat this and that and all she will say is 'you take me I sure go'.

When I go back in July I'm going to whack all the food to satisfy my cravings. 

1. Omma's Maggi goreng
2. MIL's sardine sambal and rasam 
3. Steamboat with family at hometown
3. Homemade steamboat with MIL &SIL
4. Kin2 chilly pan mee
5. Chicken wings
6. Oh my I can't think now.. Oh yeah, KEROPOK LEKOR
7. What else?? I think enough lar. Not enough time to eat all also.

I can't wait to go home.

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