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Friday, June 20, 2014

If I'm a Tree

While I was on my way to work today, I looked at all the green green tree leaves and thought to myself 'how nice if I was a tree'.

All I need is a good ground of soil. Wait for sun and rain.

Then I had a second thought. 'Nah. Bad idea'. Because when it doesn't rain I'll be freaking hot and my leaves will start drying up and I'll be bald. A bald tree.

The feeling will be like getting my hair all dried up. Frizzy. Ugly. Bald.

So it's bad.

If it keeps raining then my soil will be too damp. Might even flood. 

Then it will be like me walking with my wet shoe and socks.

I'll have to worry when will I grow too big and people will have to chop me off.

Just like me being overweight and people start complaining that I'm FAT..!!!

But by being a tree, I don't need to worry about being fat and not getting nice cloths to use.

I don't need to worry about appearance.

I don't need to worry about earning money.

I'll produce my own food.

I'll think less. All I do is grow unless people chop me off.  

OUCH..!!! That will hurt a lot.

Maybe I should grow in a country which is less hot, less cold, more sun and more rain. A balanced country. 

My imaginary country.

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