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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Burger Kaw Kaw-ness - Wangsa Maju

Been hearing too many people talking about this burger and since my sister said she is spending us. OF CZ kena pergi ler.

Trust me, I do not know how to go to this place.  WHY?

1. I wasn't driving;
2. We followed another car;
3. I was into my phone and not the road.

Maybe if you want to find for this place, you can use this direction to go there.

It's not easy to find parking there because its a housing area but we were lucky enough.

We went around 11pm.  The moment I saw the queue (easily spotted), I was like "stop stop, let me queue first.  You can go find parking".  There were at least 5 to 6 people in the queue (consider little because when we were eating. more people came).

All taking time to look at the menu that was on a table and its not hanged anywhere to be seen by public.  I guess the most expensive burger was triple patty. Don't remember the price. Got machine to key in order lagi.

We ordered double patty.  1 was double cheese and the other was turkey slice. They got set menu too - Burger + 2 sausage + 1 water.  Just add RM2.50 to the original burger price.

If you decide to have the Cheezynizer chicken, and decide to eat part by part (bread 1st, patty then patty then below bread) please turn your 1st patty up side down so that your second patty gets the share of CHEESE tooo.
Same chicken patty.  Just that this got turkey slice.

AT LAST.. 5 people finished all burger and left the place felling very very fullll.  Oh yeah, there is a small sink for you to wash hand but no soap (I didn't see 1).

HAPPY me.  It was my 3rd night in this week having supper.  Will I have 1 tonight?

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