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Sunday, February 9, 2014


Spending time with my grandmother was a weekly affair until her accident happened 3 years back..

The first year of her accident was a bi-weekly meet up.. 

I still remember, the morning the accident happen, I was still on my bed sleeping soundly. Mum got the call and immediately told my sister who was getting ready for work to bring me along to check on my grandma's condition.
All she said was her ribs were hurting. She can't move much but we got her into the car with my uncle's help and the journey to the hospital was long.
Got her admitted and on the same day, I got a call from 'the office' requesting me to join them a week later.
It was a go to work or stay with my grandma till she is discharged option.
I of course choosed the first because I know my grandma is in good hands and we could always take shift in staying behind with her if required. 
Due to renovation near the ICU and stress that she was going through, she had stroke.

For the past 2 years, it's now a daily-see-her-day.

Not making complains because I now have only one grandma. Having grandma's love is a blessing. Able to hold her hand and walk around when she was in good condition was a blessing. Having her to look into my eyes and say 'I love you' is a blessing.
My grandma now uses 'I love you' very often.
Having her to sit on her lazy chair and sing songs that she creates herself is a blessing. Seeing her laugh and cry at silly things.

I love you grandma.

I'm just wondering if one day you were to leave us, how will our next day be..

Daily routine - home-work-home-grandma place-home.. Same routine everyday. Even most of my weekends are spent with her unless there is a need to be away.

Now that peak is starting, I told myself I'll have to at least see her once a week.

Don't want to regret.

Live with no regrets. I know I was there when she was in good and bad shape. The naughty granddaughter who always goes against her. Who scolds her for not taking the initiative to get better. I know it's not possible for her to walk anymore. But I need the get her all worked up to get her blood pumped all over her body when she gets angry.


We never know what happens tomorrow. Live today as if it's your last day.

I know I'm not gonna regret because I've given my best to make her happy.


If I were to go 1st, remember that we had all our happy days together.


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