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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jerk for 23hour 58minute

You know he is not the one you are going to say 'yes' to.

You still stick around hoping that he will change-tolerance you said-things he can accommodate to a better relationship you said.

You do all your best for him because you love him.

Despite the threats, anger shown to you, you still do what you can.

You come home to a jerk.

He seems the perfect guy when he kisses you awake in the morning, but still a jerk before that.

He is a total jerk but you still stick around.

Either it is real love, or you had no choice.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Claypot Chicken Rice from Malaysia Boleh

When you are left alone, Don't be afraid. 

Explore the world by yourself. 

Today I took a 1 hour 20 mnt bus ride to Jurong Point to try out the food in 'Malaysia Boleh' food court.. 

Had the claypot chicken rice and Penang chendol. 

Still craving for my keropok lekor.. Miss it so much.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


One day - when you decide to blame your mistake on others THINK because no one forced you to do the mistake.

When you think that you downfall in life is going to be because of another person THINK because you have a choice.

When you think that you downfall was because of another person THINK what did you do then, to fall.

When you think you are going to blame others THINK.!!! THINK..!!! &THINK..!!!

You have the choice.

You had the choice.


Don't learn the blame game because you wouldn't like the same game when it is played on YOU.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


What do you do to make urself happy?

Eating makes me happy.

This squeezed idli with rasam made me happy today.

Try it and tell me if you liked it too..

People actually find me weird because I practically have all my Indian food with rasam (Indian soup).

I love it like that.

Enjoy your food the way you like.

Even if you were to lick your fingers in public. Do it. Enjoy it the way you like.

I remember once where there were still rasam on my leaf and I didn't want to waste it. I took my straw n siped it.. 


Will life be better?

Today I got up freaking early and left the house early.

All I see are sleepy faces. I'm one of them.

The train is freaking hot and I'm like 'nose leaking' after I sneeze. Damn

I hate to be in such situation.

I've got meeting with 2 clients today. Hopefully all goes well.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Everyday seems to be the same.. 

I get up the same time

I eat the same thing

I see the same people

I take the same road

I do the same thing

No different staying here or there..

I do almost the same stuff with the same people wherever I am

Wish to have my own kitchen soon.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Here I was thinking I have my 'Nets' with me.

I asked my sisters do they want anything from SG since I'm going back this weekend.

Younger sister said she wanted chocolates.

Me being a good sister, went to value..

Picked up so many things. Filled up the empty basket till it was full.

Went to the check-out counter.. While she was scanning my purchase, I was finding for my nets card.

To no avail, it wasn't in my purse. Checked my bag.. NO.!! It's not there.. I had 30 dollar in my purse.. Praying that it does not exceed the amount I have in my purse..

GOD..!!! I wish you sent my bf over that very moment..!!!

Total came to $42.50.. 


I wish I can disappear..!!!!
I wish I had enough cash..!!!!
I wish my nets card could appear...!!!!

Nothing happened..

I took out my Malaysia credit card.

The cashier lady said 'cash or nets only'..



I told her 'I don't know where my nets is. And I don't have that much cash.. You'll have to cancel my purchase'

She gave me that wtf look and asked 'you sure?'

I said YES.. No cash no nets and smiled at her..

Everything was packe in the bag d.. She keyed in the cash register and canceled my purchase and told the other girl to put back all the stuffs..

The lady queuing behind me was like 'cancel?'

Yes aunty. I forgot where I left my nets..


One of my worse days

Can't go back anytime soon.. =)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dumpling in the month of August

I don't remember when was the real date already.
When I was craving for it, I didn't get the chance to eat.
I'm far away from home.
No longer going home everyday.

While I was walking in the shopping mall (nex serangoon), I saw this shop selling it. 
I totally lost control. 
The only thought on my head was 'I wanna eat dumpling. Got egg yolk, I'll take it out. Got beans, I'll take that out too'
All I wanted was the rice, the mushroom and the pork.

*Now that I'm writing this, I wanna eat it again.*

I bought it for s$3.

I find it expensive, cz all this while I had my aunt custom made my dumpling every year and it's free. Never needed to buy.

I brought back home, had my dinner and was kinda full. Didn't want to force myself with the dumpling so I opened the wrapping and put it into a container so that I could keep it in the fridge and have it for breakfast the next morning.

I got up the next mornig and I heated the dumpling.

To my surprise, hen I opened up the center of the dumpling IT WAS JUST THE WAY I LIKE.!!!!


Worth it.. 

My saliva was forming..

I immediately gulp my dumpling down my throat.


I wish I had my own place to do my own dumpling..

Save up all my money to get a good hse and renovate my kitchen just the way I like...

My ugly looking dumpling after opening the center portion. No yolk No bean.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Relationship #4

Today I asked ' where are you going'

Without thinking about how I will feel, you said 'it's none of your business' with a high pitch, high tone.

It hurt me. 

I was left without an answer and a hurtful heart.

It hurt me so much that I would tear.

But I told myself, it's okay. 

It's all about forgive and forget.

I told myself, let it be.

It's all about giving in.

I went to bed with a sad feeling hoping that tomorrow never comes.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Follow your heart

When you feel like doing something - DO IT!

When you feel like buying - Buy it

When you feel like eating - Eat it

When you feel like it..-Don't stop

Because you might miss that chance.

You might be disappointed.

Don't stop following your instinct.

Don't regret

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Relationship #3

You keep saying how much you love me.

You keep saying how important I am to you.

You keep saying that you want me to be happy.

But all your actions are against your words.

You know what makes me happy, but you refuse to follow.

You refuse to understand.

You know it's important to me.

But you ignore and you still say you love me and you want me to be happy.

All you actions are hurting me.

Do I love you?

I asked myself again and again.

Yes I do.


Your actions hurts me again and again.

I'm sad that you don't think like me.

Yes, you are you but if you really love me, do things that makes me happy.

Don't say you love me when you do not understand my needs and what makes me happy.

Don't say you want to make me happy when you do all the things against my wants.

I don't get to decide.

So you wil have to change.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Relationship #2

You know my habit.

You know what I'm like.

You know what I can and what I can't.

But you choose to ignore me.

You said I've invaded your peace, your privacy.

If you can't give in now, then how can you give in later?

If you can't give in now, why do you talk about future?

If you can't give in now, what's the direction of this relationship?

What will the future be like?

Monday, June 23, 2014

Relationship #1

 I was geting ready to bed.
You had your back facing me.

We had a small argument and we decided to ignore each other.

I didn't want to go to sleep with a heavy heart, I decided to talk about it.

We were joking and teasing each other about the fight earlier. All of a sudden you elbowed me and it hurt terribly that I cried. 

You just turned your back away from me and I cried under my blanket.

No sorry was uttered.

You were not sorry.

I stopped crying. 

It took you more than 10 minutes to say sorry.

You said I framed you.

How did I frame you? Was the elbow done on purpose?

Did I hold your elbow and hit me?

I know it was an accident.

I know It hurts, but you turned your back as it if was my fault that you elbowed me.

How do I understand you better?

How do I understand this relationship better?

How do I?

My cravings

Now that I'm far away from home, I'm missing all the people (especially my omma), the food (MIL's sardine sambal and rasam).

I miss the freedom I once had (the car).

I miss the times I can just call my omma n tell her I want to eat this and that and all she will say is 'you take me I sure go'.

When I go back in July I'm going to whack all the food to satisfy my cravings. 

1. Omma's Maggi goreng
2. MIL's sardine sambal and rasam 
3. Steamboat with family at hometown
3. Homemade steamboat with MIL &SIL
4. Kin2 chilly pan mee
5. Chicken wings
6. Oh my I can't think now.. Oh yeah, KEROPOK LEKOR
7. What else?? I think enough lar. Not enough time to eat all also.

I can't wait to go home.

Friday, June 20, 2014

If I'm a Tree

While I was on my way to work today, I looked at all the green green tree leaves and thought to myself 'how nice if I was a tree'.

All I need is a good ground of soil. Wait for sun and rain.

Then I had a second thought. 'Nah. Bad idea'. Because when it doesn't rain I'll be freaking hot and my leaves will start drying up and I'll be bald. A bald tree.

The feeling will be like getting my hair all dried up. Frizzy. Ugly. Bald.

So it's bad.

If it keeps raining then my soil will be too damp. Might even flood. 

Then it will be like me walking with my wet shoe and socks.

I'll have to worry when will I grow too big and people will have to chop me off.

Just like me being overweight and people start complaining that I'm FAT..!!!

But by being a tree, I don't need to worry about being fat and not getting nice cloths to use.

I don't need to worry about appearance.

I don't need to worry about earning money.

I'll produce my own food.

I'll think less. All I do is grow unless people chop me off.  

OUCH..!!! That will hurt a lot.

Maybe I should grow in a country which is less hot, less cold, more sun and more rain. A balanced country. 

My imaginary country.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Was standing in the MRT and this Indian girl stared at me.. 


Because I had a nose stud on..

Haha.. The stare she gave me was like 'why on earth did this Chinese girl pierced her nose'

Just when she stared at me I looked at her and smiled and she smiled back.

I used to like it when my grandma (dad side) call when I'm outside in an Indian crowd..

Because when I start talking In tamil.. They go like 'WOW, she speaks tamil'

Loved the attention.. 

Attention seeker?

I think I am.. A little..

Especially when people don't regard me as an Indian.

Proud to be Indian. OKAY..!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

It's Morning

Good Morning Peeps,

It's 2.14AM here in Malaysia. I'm still at the office working my ass off to complete my filing.

Yeah, not an easy job. OR should i just say it's because I'm not efficient enough? Am I really not efficient or is it because client gave me details late?

I think I'll go with the later option because if they were to give me details earlier, then I won't be here siting and working.

Oh yeah, I haven't mention this yet. I'M LEAVING THIS PLACE.!!!!

mIXED FEElings.

Part of me is happy that I'm leaving, part of me is sad because i've been here for like 4 years and we are like a family. YEA, BECAUSE OF ME. I'm the event organizer here and people here have fun because of me. 60% lar.

I'm really sleepy. My eye refuse to let me to write more.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Human, Nature & Behaviour #1

Human often forget their parents.


Is it because the are old?

Is it because you have grown older?

Is it because they are of no USE to you anymore?

I think the 3rd option is most applicable to human nowadays.

Always remember that without ur parents, you are no one. 

I'm not only referring to the parents who brought you into the world. 

It's the parents/guardian that brought you up to who you are today.

It's the parents/guardian that gave you food when you were hungry.

It's the parents/guardian that gave you enough education that you became so smart and forgot that your education was because of them.

It's them that you have forgotten when you grow up.

If you have neglected them today. Go home. 

Give them a call whenever you can just to ask them if they have eaten.

Brighten their day.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Burger Kaw Kaw-ness - Wangsa Maju

Been hearing too many people talking about this burger and since my sister said she is spending us. OF CZ kena pergi ler.

Trust me, I do not know how to go to this place.  WHY?

1. I wasn't driving;
2. We followed another car;
3. I was into my phone and not the road.

Maybe if you want to find for this place, you can use this direction to go there.

It's not easy to find parking there because its a housing area but we were lucky enough.

We went around 11pm.  The moment I saw the queue (easily spotted), I was like "stop stop, let me queue first.  You can go find parking".  There were at least 5 to 6 people in the queue (consider little because when we were eating. more people came).

All taking time to look at the menu that was on a table and its not hanged anywhere to be seen by public.  I guess the most expensive burger was triple patty. Don't remember the price. Got machine to key in order lagi.

We ordered double patty.  1 was double cheese and the other was turkey slice. They got set menu too - Burger + 2 sausage + 1 water.  Just add RM2.50 to the original burger price.

If you decide to have the Cheezynizer chicken, and decide to eat part by part (bread 1st, patty then patty then below bread) please turn your 1st patty up side down so that your second patty gets the share of CHEESE tooo.
Same chicken patty.  Just that this got turkey slice.

AT LAST.. 5 people finished all burger and left the place felling very very fullll.  Oh yeah, there is a small sink for you to wash hand but no soap (I didn't see 1).

HAPPY me.  It was my 3rd night in this week having supper.  Will I have 1 tonight?

Friday, February 14, 2014

NINTH year

HAPPY 9th DATING ANNIVERSARY to myself n my other half.

It's been a rough journey and I hope the remaining years we share together will be smooth.

Every time it reaches our anniversary, there will definitely be some quarreling.

This year seems smooth. Guess the distance made the relationship better.

Am typing this post in the train. Heading to Singapore where my other half is.

13 Feb is our anniversary and 14 Feb is valentine. One present will do and it's been years since we bought something for each other on valentine. 

I've bought mine for him. Wonder if I'll get one too..

Missing you fatty. Love you. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Spending time with my grandmother was a weekly affair until her accident happened 3 years back..

The first year of her accident was a bi-weekly meet up.. 

I still remember, the morning the accident happen, I was still on my bed sleeping soundly. Mum got the call and immediately told my sister who was getting ready for work to bring me along to check on my grandma's condition.
All she said was her ribs were hurting. She can't move much but we got her into the car with my uncle's help and the journey to the hospital was long.
Got her admitted and on the same day, I got a call from 'the office' requesting me to join them a week later.
It was a go to work or stay with my grandma till she is discharged option.
I of course choosed the first because I know my grandma is in good hands and we could always take shift in staying behind with her if required. 
Due to renovation near the ICU and stress that she was going through, she had stroke.

For the past 2 years, it's now a daily-see-her-day.

Not making complains because I now have only one grandma. Having grandma's love is a blessing. Able to hold her hand and walk around when she was in good condition was a blessing. Having her to look into my eyes and say 'I love you' is a blessing.
My grandma now uses 'I love you' very often.
Having her to sit on her lazy chair and sing songs that she creates herself is a blessing. Seeing her laugh and cry at silly things.

I love you grandma.

I'm just wondering if one day you were to leave us, how will our next day be..

Daily routine - home-work-home-grandma place-home.. Same routine everyday. Even most of my weekends are spent with her unless there is a need to be away.

Now that peak is starting, I told myself I'll have to at least see her once a week.

Don't want to regret.

Live with no regrets. I know I was there when she was in good and bad shape. The naughty granddaughter who always goes against her. Who scolds her for not taking the initiative to get better. I know it's not possible for her to walk anymore. But I need the get her all worked up to get her blood pumped all over her body when she gets angry.


We never know what happens tomorrow. Live today as if it's your last day.

I know I'm not gonna regret because I've given my best to make her happy.


If I were to go 1st, remember that we had all our happy days together.


Saturday, February 1, 2014


Will you agree if some truth to be kept unknown?

Some truth may change your perception of things.. 
If you know the possibility of the truth, just live with it because you know the other side of the truth may change the way you think of certain things.

The worst will be when you know it's going to hurt you, leave it..

Puting myself in the parents shoe and am acting as best as I can.. 

If my kids were to do the same, the treatment will be different because I've gone through it and I know how the kids will feel..

Generation gap maybe the reason but all thinking and perception will change as time goes by..

Friday, January 31, 2014

Distance = Stronger Love?

If you think the distance can make your love stronger? THINK AGAIN..

I really do not think so.

If you think staying together keeps the relationship stronger? THINK AGAIN AND AGAIN

Sometimes I really think that relationship is just for companionship.. You like each other's company that's why you are together.. 

You do not own each other.. But we want loyalty.

Relationship if just a bond you have between two people.. 

Letting every single thing get into the way is a NO NO in a relationship.

Want to get into a relationship?  THINK THREE TIMES because it's like geting into hell when you choose the wrong 1 and it's not going to be easy to get out of it.

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