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Friday, November 22, 2013

Where is the ACTION?

I may look big. I may look brave. But I'm actually scared.

I've got this crazy/stupid/mad thought when something happens (1st thought wanna fight for my right, 2nd thought nevermind lar).

For example, today's incident. I went into one of the personal care store and wanted to buy hair care product.

I saw there was two price (RM7.80 and RM6.93) tag. RM7.80 had dates (21/11/13-25/12/13) and RM6.93 was on sale tag PWP but didn't have dates.

My only thought was if I buy 2, then I get the price of RM6.93 and I took 4 of the product.

Went to the cashier and checked out my items (didn't see the amount she was keying in). Then after walking half way out the store, I looked back at the receipt and was like ' WHY the amount not same 1? Where is my discount?'.

Went back to the cashier lady and asked her 'how come the amount is different?' And she told me 'itu harga sales lepas'.

Like WTF? Then I thought to myself, since I'm using my office shirt today, I don't want to ask so much, cz it was lunch time, queue was long at the counter, and it's just RM3.48 extra.

Neway, before walking away from the counter, I did tell the cashier lady to take off the PWP price if that is not the price they are selling the items for which she did apologies (but didn't take away the price tag - more details below).

I went back to the rack where my item was displayed. Took a photo of the price and then walked off.. My first thought was INSTAGRAM then FACEBOOK tagging the store name asking if they were gonna refund me my money (cashier in store cannot make decision 1).. But after that I remembered I have a friend who is working in the HQ..

Hehe.. Start thinking. Block the loyalty card number *ready to post on instagram*..

But ended up sending msg to my friend asking if the store will refund my money back?? Sent her the photo *edited*.. She sumore laugh at me and say 'still edit nice nice'.. Of cz lar, 1st thought was to Instagram mar.. Of cz must edit nice2..

Then was thinking n thinking.. Asked her to check if they will refund back my money bcz I dun wanna go n demand/ask my money back if at the end of the day they choose to not refund me.. But I did know that since the PWP price didn't have date, I can still argue. They mislead me...

SEE at the end, I syok sendiri. Wanna post on FB but don't dare demand from the store.

While my friend was asking the person in-charge, my only thought was 'haiyah, nevermind lar RM3.48 only mar' but, it's money ler..

Then she got back to me saying that I can ask for refund.. Hehe 😇😇✨🌟💫 can get back my RM3.48.. So I told her, can belanja her Pisang goreng ady (I'm craving for it now..zzzz)

After a while I got a call from the store saying that I can go n get my money.. Woohoooo.. Which definitely was refunded with my friends help.  

The manager sumore apologies on behalf of his team.. Nevermind lar, you ask them to make sure price correct can Liao..


The worse part was, I go back to the store and then they had to get the person who called me and then she pulak ask me what is the PROBLEM?

I tot ur manager told you ady?

Why ask me again wor?

The other thing was the PWP price tag was still on display when I went.  Like WTF?? How many ppl had they mislead on the same day? Or maybe from yesterday onwards? They only took off the tag when they had to do the refund..



** I guess I just don't like to fight for small stuffs like this
** but on the positive side, they took off the tag ady. Dunit to mislead people now

Don't start a fight with me.. I might just give in.. =)

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