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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Nescafe me

I was thinking and thinking and thinking. Maybe I should just start writing about my relationship with a ceylonese boy.

I'm an average Mixed parentage girl who grew up in a kampung which is not so kampung called Jinjang.

Dad Indian and mum is a Chinese. Coffee + Milk = Nescafe

I was suppose to grow up like a typical Indian girl, speaking fluent Tamil, using the Indian traditional cloths and going to temple every Friday and maybe write in Tamil.

But all that vanished when my Tata (dad's side grandpa) passed away when I was about 5 years old. I don't quite remember about Tata, but my mum, Patti (dad's side grandma) and Ateh's (dad's side aunties) always said that he used to chase me around the house with a rotan because I love 'eat walking'. Never liked siting and eating. So I'll hold my bowl and start walking around the house dropping rice everywhere. And the other thing I remember about him is he forcing us to go to temple (where he was a committee member) to learn how to write in Tamil. Those were my dying days (I thought so), after kindergarten go home, bath and go to temple, forced to sit down n write. If only he was still here, I'll be able to write and speak fluent Tamil.

That's it. No more other memories about him.

I love my Patti a lot. She was like the best. Don't want to learn Tamil? No problem. Don't want to use traditional cloths? No problem. She is always supportive of us. Therefore, I never grew up like an Indian. I failed to show the Indian side of me. 

Grew up in a Chinese area. My mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka is better than my Tamil. Went to a Chinese kindergarten. But don't remember how to write now.

All I know now is 我爱你 (I love you)。

Easy characters still can read. Takes time to get used to the characters.

Went to a Malay primary and secondary school. Mixed with Indians when I was in primary and moved on to Chinese when I was in secondary. Then form sixths friends were mixture of all races and so was university. Had African friends too.

Ask me again how I met my ceylonese bf? I would say from a friend. Or maybe form sixth. The truth is? Will be revealed in my next post.


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