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Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Virgin Tigerair journey

So I've only tried AirAsia till todate..

Kuching, Hatyai, Hong Kong, Singapore..
All was AirAsia airline..

This time round I've decided to fly tigerair.

My flight was to take off at 10.15am.
I got up at 7a.m..
Got ready and only left my house at 7.40am..

Skybus schedule SCARED me because it showed that it will only leave every 30minutes.
The next thing I told my brother was to speed.. But on a second thought, there are many other busses that I could still take to reach LCCT.

Safety was more important that catching the flight.. If we were to get into an accident, then I'll still miss the flight.. So safety was my priority.

Reached KL sentral at 8.a.m. SHYT.. The road where the bus was waiting didn't allow cars to pass by anymore (last time can). So we had to take another round and stopped abit further.. DAMN.. Walked at least 5 minutes to the busstop..

The earliest bus was to leave at 8.15am. Skybus cost me RM10.. It was a 50 minute drive.. Reached LCCT at +- 9.05am.. IM STILL EARLY (my bf was extra kancheong that I might miss my flight).. 

Lucky my check in lane was EMPTY. Good thing. I was only asked for my passport. Conformation code was not required. GREAT.

The counter guy was friendly enough to tell me my gate number and that I can proceed to the departure hall. He even pointer to me the entrance to the departure hall.. NICE..

For the first time, I was asked to remove my belt because of the 'beep beep beep' noise..

I was already at the departure waiting hall at 9.20.. Plane was to take of 10.15. I had plenty on time and went on to buy hot & roll, chapatti cheese sausage..

Just when I sat down to start eating, I saw the board at gate T4 flashing 'final call' to board the plane.. T4 door was closed.. & it was only 9.30.. I asked the guy at gate T3, tigerair to singapore for 10.15 boarding now? YES was his answer.. Shyt. There were not many people siting at the gate.. Was I late? I was scared to be the last to board the plane.

Hurried eating. Board the plane and was welcomed by very nice/beautiful smile people.
The air steward and stewardess was very friendly.

I got to my seat and ask the stewardess if tigerair always board early? And she said yeah. Because they want to take off on time.

My journey on the air was good. 

They sell alcohol too??

Reached singapore happily and safely.

I'll definitely fly tigerair again for the friendly air staffs..


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