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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

If I was a boy

When I was little, every1 who comes to my mother's office would ask her 'where is your son?'.. Like WHAT? Girl lar.. 

Used to act like a boy.. Maybe cz my mum was yearning for a son, so ended up look like a boy and attitude also so MAN..

I remember, after maybe like 10++ years, there was this old customer of my mum came to her office after soooo long and ask, 'so wads your big boy doing now?' My mum was like 'daughter lar. I only have 1 youngest son'..

When I was in school, I was already independent. Too MAN for the girls.. I even had 7 wife like 'wai siu pou'.. 

Never needed people to treat me like I was fragile and now my bf doesn't treat me fragile either. I guess I am more independent than he is.. Or maybe because he always had someone else to do things for him that he doesn't need to do everything by himself. NOW that he is all by himself in a foreign country, he shall learn to be MR INDEPENDENT and I shall start being the fragile 1 in this relationship. At the end of the day, I'm still a girl and I still want my bf to treat me like a fragile kid.. Will that ever happen? Not sure. 

How I met my bf? Soon to be revealed =)

Stay tuned

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