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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Penang MONTHS back

What month is it now?
Penang was in May and now it's already mid September..

I posted about Penang day 1 and forgotten about Penang day 2 and the rest of my days and months and night....

June, July and August was just normal months where I kept mentioning about diet but ended up eating and eating and eating..

Lets get back to things I ate in Penang when I was there...


 Looked thinner since GCS covered me..=)

Sunset from Hard Rock Hotel's beach
YZ pre-birthday and Heong post-birthday SLICE of cake


 Coming back from lunch on the other side of Penang (we left Penang island to have lunch) I realized that my WIPER is GONE.. Who on earth would have stolen it??

 Jelly Coconut

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