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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pork-ie ball Maggi Mee

I was and am still in the Pork ball maggi mee with an EGGGG season..

If only there were vegetable toooooo..

Penang MONTHS back

What month is it now?
Penang was in May and now it's already mid September..

I posted about Penang day 1 and forgotten about Penang day 2 and the rest of my days and months and night....

June, July and August was just normal months where I kept mentioning about diet but ended up eating and eating and eating..

Lets get back to things I ate in Penang when I was there...


 Looked thinner since GCS covered me..=)

Sunset from Hard Rock Hotel's beach
YZ pre-birthday and Heong post-birthday SLICE of cake


 Coming back from lunch on the other side of Penang (we left Penang island to have lunch) I realized that my WIPER is GONE.. Who on earth would have stolen it??

 Jelly Coconut

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