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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Penang journey 1st night


It's a Friday night..
Was suppose to leave KL at 7.30 pm so that we could reach Penang b4 midnight..
Uncle said meet at 8pm.. 
Emmm okay.. 8pm not too late either.. 4 hour drive ONI wad..
Reached and meet up with the gang and Val said we need 5 hour to reach.. So late meh??

Wait and waited.. 8.30pm..
Makan mamak lar..
Wait and waited again (for 1 person)
10pm.... Fuh.. Arrived

Started journey at 10pm...
Stopped at tapah R&R.. Had a large Pepsi from KFC.. Yumssss needed some sugar in my system (not a sugar person at all)

Uncle reached and left while we were still thinking they were in the toilet in the R&R.
Called him.. He said 'we have already left'
WHAT??? We were like dumbos waiting for him.
Nevermind.. We left.. Almost reaching Georgetown exit..

Called uncle again.. Asked him wad KM was he at.. He said 175 but I heard 115 and I was at 148..
I'm so far away???
Apa lagi?? Tekan minyak lar..

Almost done crossing the Penang bridge.
Called uncle again.. Georgetown or bayan lepas?
He also not sure and he said he not yet cross the bridge..
Had to slow down...

Saw a mamak.. Wanted to pee...
For that, we got down, ordered a roti telur.. That was 1.30 am.. Fat kau weh..!!!

Reached Val's hse around around 2am..
Settled down and slept.. Listening to the snoring noise and breathing sound..

11cctv all over the hse.. OMG..

It's morning again.. Lets have some Penang  kuewteow

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Father Day

Dear daddy,

It's been 1 year 2 months since we had a decent conversation. The conversations and talks that we share laughter and many other feelings..

We are now more like housemate.. We now no longer see eye to eye..

BUT dad, I want you to know that no matter what happens, I stand by you..

You can be wrong at times and I just don't tell it on your face anymore like how I used to say it.. But just so you know, I love you.

We don't see things at the same level anymore.. But I still love you

We don't talk anymore... But I still love you.

No matter what happens, I still love you because you were and are still my beloved dad.. Till I die, you are still my dad. Even to the grave.

I may say everything I want about you, but deep down I LOVE YOU and that will never ever ever change no matter how much we don't see eye to eye and we don't talk. 

I will not back down on what I've said a year back.. I keep to my stand cz I know I was right and you were right too but we just disagree with each other.

I love you dad. Say whatever you want about what a bad daughter I am for not having the same wave length(thinking), I still love you.

Happy Father Day..!!! & I LOVE YOU DAD

Friday, June 14, 2013

My Morning Bath

I have thing mind set that if I don't bath in the morning before going out, my whole day will be BAD...
Because I will feel so sticky and so eeeewwwww.....

Today morning, got up took my bath, and at the end when I was wiping myself, I asked myself back if I did put soap already or not..???

I forgot...

Then I sniffed myself and found out I DID....

Crazy me...


Meeting up with Ikan and Lassi later in the night

Man Of Steel at 12 AM...

busy weekend ahead

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