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Monday, May 13, 2013

When The Time Comes

What Time?
When Time?

I'm waiting for 15 May 2013.
I'm waiting to be released from JOB JAIL.
Been working late every night.

What time is late?

Does coming home at 7.30 am means late??? Guess its just toooooo early right?

But that was only once.

Maximum time limit was 2am only.. not more than that. need my sleep.

Doctor told me that I have low blood pressure. Must have at least 5 hours sleep.

I don't wanna do that if I have a choice.
Guess I was just toooo good hearted.

Don't wanna brag about it. NOTHING to brag about it either.

Am sending out emails while I am writing this post.
Winzip is just annoying me to the MAX.. ITS TOOOOO SLOW.

Time to sleep.. back to work tomorrow...
Happy Mothers Day..>!!!!

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