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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I never thought that I'll play this kinda game.

I was the organizer and we went HITTING.

Bought the vouchers through Living Social, RM29 only for 200 pallets and free another 200 if got more than 14 vouchers.  We bought 20 vouchers.  The battle field was in Taman Metropolitan Batu.  Have to drive all the way to the end of the road.

Got up early on Saturday thinking to meet up with colleagues for breakfast.  Mana tau everyone was like "still sleeping", "lazy to wake up". 2 people said they were sick and were not joining.

Oh yeah, since we bought the vouchers in advance and they paid me in advance already so who cares.  Their loss and not mine.  I was all geared up to be HIT.

Since breakfast tak jadi, next was to meet up near the office to go to the park. I was LATE.  blame it on the jam.

I tapau-ed and ate in the car. My appendix has been removed so no issues about eating and running around.

Our game was suppose to start at 2pm.  We were 5 minutes late.  The marshal briefed us on the Do's and Don'ts in the "battle field".

Rule No. 1 - NEVER ever ever remove your facemask
Rule No. 2 - Always "click" on safety pin when you are out of battle ground

He did teach us on how to use the gun.  Not to difficult to comprehend.

Getting ready to enter battle field

Trust me, it was not easy.. have to squat, run, see in front and SHOOT

To finish 100 pallets is just too fast.
 The cute cute pallets
Once hit you get BLUE BLUE

This photo was after 2 games...
Still energetic
Freaking tired....
Lucky brought extra 5 liter water or all of us will be dehydrated.

at the end of the game we were tooooo tired to move.  I got hit and it was freaking paid.. but it was pain at that moment and after that it was okay but now all I see is BLUE BLACK..

Happy and tired people after the end of the game..
We do not have much color on our body

This is my blue black...
Looks more RED..

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