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Sunday, May 5, 2013

P114 - Voted

I did my duty as a Malaysian. Have you?

Even to go to work, I don't get up at 6am. Today I did it because everyone in my house wants to go early.

Neway, lucky that we went early because looking at all the photos in FB showing the long queues would have killed me.

They never on-ed any outside fan except for the ones in the classrooms.

I reached around 8.15 and left before 9. That was pretty fast and I'm happy that I voted.

I hate how they painted my finger. How I wish Malaysia could have a fair election and then we never need to INK our finger which looked like we got poisoned. Use IC system to check. WE HAVE FINGER PRINTS, you forgot?

I tried wiping the stain off but looks like there is still little color (around n below nail) as they inked below too, and it's not easy for us to wipe below our nail. At least they can still know I VOTED.

Can't wait for the result.. I just want a clean government.

No matter who takes over, please think n think n think when you do something.

All we want is to be happy in our own country. Don't fail us.

Hidup Rakyat...!!!!!! Hidup Malaysia..!!!

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