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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Looking back at the past, from what I remember, I was never a good girl. Still not.

My grandfather (dad side) used to chase me around the house to scold me because I never like siting in 1 spot to eat. Used to take my bowl, eat n walk.

Never really had fights with grandma (dad side) but love teasing her and she will be like ' talk lar talk'.. I miss her ALOT.

Was never able to see my mum side grandfather. He passed away the following year after I was born. Mum said I cried a lot during his funeral. STUBBORN BABY.

Love my mum side grandmother. Now that she is paralyzed, I'm the bad granddaughter because I always force her to use strength when she want to talk. TOO SOFT, I can't hear her. 我爱婆婆

Me and dad are too close that I am the only child that will go against him. Too much that we always ended up with Cold War.

Mum is like the best. Bising 365 days x 25 years also she is the 'whatever type'.

I'm the worst and the best sister.
Call me an angel also can, devil also can.
Mood good, everything CAN.
Mood bad? Don't talk to me, I wun bother answering any question.
Want something? On the count to three, make ur decision or offer is GONE.
Fight now, later forget.

Friends? They always say that I'm good.. WHERE GOT?? I'm just too soft hearted. Always think about what others will feel.

If I like you, I'll let you take advantage of me.
If I don't like you, you are no1 to me. So why bother hurt myself n think about the bad things tat you are doing to me?

BoyFriend? He is my best friend n my worst enemy. We can fight this moment n next moment we will be at our best behavior with each other.

I feel that I've got the best of everything. The only thing that is lacking is a smart brain to earn more.

If god wad to ask me if I would like to change my life, I guess my answer will be no BUT can I have more money???

Lacking of money makes me sad.
Feels like I'm acting in a drama which I have all the ups and down but with not extra cash to have more UPS than down.

Even in television drama we see people come and go from ones life. If someone wants to stay, we can't ask them to leave. If someone want to leave, we can't force them to stay.

Take life like a tv drama. We always watch and comment on what to do and what not.
So apply the same thing. When you see a situation, think how you would react if you see the same happening in the drama.

Take life easy. Don't complicate by doing the wrong decision.
Even if it is wrong, it was YOUR decision. Don't regret it.

Off tv. Time for actress to sleep.

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