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Sunday, April 21, 2013

An extra hole

I am a happy child now.

I got my nose PIERCED..!!

Yeah yeah yeah...!!!!!

I know there are people in my life who would be like WHY?? I LIKE IT. So don't ask why.

Been 1/2 year since I want to get it pierced. Posted it on FB and friends were like ' you don't cry ar'.

Trust me I did have tears when that guy pierced through.

On my birthday week, went to Genting and I saw this tattoo shop, went over to ask if they do piercing and that guy said no. SAD...!!!!!

At last. On 17 April 2013.  Knew that SHal was getting her tattoo on 18/4 and I got so EXCITED because I know that the tattoo shop does piercing. The shop is located in the shopping mall right beside my office but never had the courage to go and get it done all by myself. Shoots up my urge to get it pierced. HAPPY HAPPY..!!

Discussion about when to tell my bf because he is half minded to let me pierce and half minded NOT to let me pierce. But who cares, I am still going to pierce no matter he likes it or not because he will eventually accept it and I know I could talk him to agree with me.

EXCITED TO THE MAX..!!! Trust me, I don't know what is so nice to get it pierced, but I just wanted. WHY? I don't know. Maybe I love pain, Maybe I just want to feel like an INDIAN (no one ever said I am an Indian). What ever the reason is, I just wanna get it pierced.  Yeah. No concern of pain or flu or what so ever.

Was thinking to message my bf 5 minutes before I was going to pierce "Going to get my nose pierced now. Will message you once I'm done". But guessed that wasn't the right way because he will get very upset that I did not consult him 1st. Nowadays decision don't need to ask parents but have to ask BF.  *what on earth man*.  That is because parents said "decision is yours. Whatever it is, we will support you". That does not apply with my bf because he wanna be the man "tell me 1st then I'll decide". I think I do the same to him too.. so It's OKAY..

SO what happened on 18/4 was I messaged my bf in the afternoon and it was a BIG drama on Whatsapp.  I showed it to SHal and she was laughing.. I didn't find it hilarious but more of annoying. But at last he agreed.

Asked my bf if he was excited?

His immediate reply was "NO"



At last got it done.  Took a photO, showed my bf and he said "UGLY".. WOEarth?????  then asked him again "REALLY UGLY??". He replied "YEAH. YOUR HAIR".  Haha. I know my hair is a bit TOOOOO messy and ugly. But who cares YOU LOVE ME..

That is Jill and TWH who got AN EXTRA HOLE with me on the same day.

This is me with my ugly hair.

Now that I am done with my nose piercing.  Guess that ends all the hole.  No more piercing.

I've got 3 hole on my ear and 1 on my nose 4. Balance already. ENOUGH.

The guy who pierced my nose told NO EGG, NO SAMBAL AND NO SEAFOOD. But I have already eaten eggggg.... Thank god nothing happen.  Not like I want anything to happen.

It's not that paining afterall.  AND I'M HAPPY.


Good night.. =)

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Looking back at the past, from what I remember, I was never a good girl. Still not.

My grandfather (dad side) used to chase me around the house to scold me because I never like siting in 1 spot to eat. Used to take my bowl, eat n walk.

Never really had fights with grandma (dad side) but love teasing her and she will be like ' talk lar talk'.. I miss her ALOT.

Was never able to see my mum side grandfather. He passed away the following year after I was born. Mum said I cried a lot during his funeral. STUBBORN BABY.

Love my mum side grandmother. Now that she is paralyzed, I'm the bad granddaughter because I always force her to use strength when she want to talk. TOO SOFT, I can't hear her. 我爱婆婆

Me and dad are too close that I am the only child that will go against him. Too much that we always ended up with Cold War.

Mum is like the best. Bising 365 days x 25 years also she is the 'whatever type'.

I'm the worst and the best sister.
Call me an angel also can, devil also can.
Mood good, everything CAN.
Mood bad? Don't talk to me, I wun bother answering any question.
Want something? On the count to three, make ur decision or offer is GONE.
Fight now, later forget.

Friends? They always say that I'm good.. WHERE GOT?? I'm just too soft hearted. Always think about what others will feel.

If I like you, I'll let you take advantage of me.
If I don't like you, you are no1 to me. So why bother hurt myself n think about the bad things tat you are doing to me?

BoyFriend? He is my best friend n my worst enemy. We can fight this moment n next moment we will be at our best behavior with each other.

I feel that I've got the best of everything. The only thing that is lacking is a smart brain to earn more.

If god wad to ask me if I would like to change my life, I guess my answer will be no BUT can I have more money???

Lacking of money makes me sad.
Feels like I'm acting in a drama which I have all the ups and down but with not extra cash to have more UPS than down.

Even in television drama we see people come and go from ones life. If someone wants to stay, we can't ask them to leave. If someone want to leave, we can't force them to stay.

Take life like a tv drama. We always watch and comment on what to do and what not.
So apply the same thing. When you see a situation, think how you would react if you see the same happening in the drama.

Take life easy. Don't complicate by doing the wrong decision.
Even if it is wrong, it was YOUR decision. Don't regret it.

Off tv. Time for actress to sleep.

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