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Friday, December 28, 2012

Thousand Years

When you love someone, do you expect to have something in return?
When you love someone, do you only think of that soul?
When you love someone, will you give up on things that will let that soul be happy?
When you love someone, don't you just want that soul to be happy?
When you are hurt, will you hurt them too?

I'm pretty lucky that life's been good to me...
I've found the correct guy although once in a while I wish I was single because he is soooo PROTECTIVE...
OMG.. I really hate that part.. Is that because he is an INDIAN?? are all Indian's like that??

I always believe that if it's mine it will always be mine.
No point fighting for something that is not mine..
Karma will come back finding for mistakes done..
Lets pray that all my past birth karma's have been solved..
Found out that I was sort of a bad boy in my past life and now I'm back as a girl to be cheated by men..
Fuck Shyt.. that's not gonna happen in this life I guess..

Was too smart to be cheated and I've done my share of good karma in this life.

Keep wads mine and share wads not mine.

and OMG its gonna be my 8th year anniversary in 2 months time..
and I've been cheated by the same guy for the past 7 years.

Counting down my years/days before I end my single-hood..
Long more to go....*fffuuuuhhhhhhh* relax relax..

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Anonymous said...

Love is a great feeling.

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