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Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Ma Birthday

My birthday falls on 12th November every YEAR.

This years birthday is a little different because I had 3 candle blowing session.. 2 cakes and another was just a fruit tart & pandan roll..

My mum's side always have monthly birthday celebration and in advance (not intentionally) I get to choose my cake. How it happened was I went out my aunty (uncle's wife) and we went into a cake shop in Pavillion "Delectable" and I saw this very cute/nice/beautiful chocolate strawberry round cake.. I'm not a dessert person but the cake just looks so nice..
 Now, tell me if it didn't temp u???

This is Orange flavour..

I got my 1 piece of chocolate cake and I was satisfied.. the cream was a hard 1.. and it melt if your mouth..
this is me with a BIG sharp knife waiting to SLAUGHTER the cake.. 
Love this picture a lot

I got to eat the biggest, loveliest strawberry..
I was the FAT PIG that day...
Because I had McDonalds for lunch and dinner I had KFC, PIZZA HUT and DOMINO..
I gained 2 kg that night.  FAT FarK..
That was that night on 3rd November 2012...

On 9th November was a surprise early celebration.. (I kinda guessed it before I got to see my cake)
When everyone was still eating in the pantry, I went back to work because I had to rush out my notes for technical discussion.. It didn't strike me then that there was something "fishy" going on.. Secretary whatsapp-ed me "come to balcony(pantry)", and I was like "what on earth is going on"..then another colleague called and ask me to take her water bottle to the pantry.. SUSPECTED..
Ngam ngam another colleague was going to the pantry and I asked for her help and she gave me this *something is going on but i can't tell you " smile.. THERE I knew it.. and they told me to take the bottle there myself.. Cake wasn't there yet and they keep forcing me to sit there to listen to stories.. 
OH MY.. all I wanted to do at that moment was just finish my notes and they forced me to sit down.. I was kinda shy tooo.. and being an idiot, I told them 'once the cake comes, ill come over again"... DAMN. So tak tau malu.. 
Cake came after 5 minutes and I instantly became SHY... Duh.. what was I thinking.. SHY SHY SHY.. My very 1st time being so shy... My face was HOT HOT HOT. very very hot but I wasn't red.
 I couldn't smile naturally like how I used to. I had to force smile for photo.

 I had to force smile.. I forgot how to smile at that very moment..

 This is only applicable to IES colleagues..

Thank to all my colleagues I finally felt shy.. Have always been noisy and outspoken, but that very moment DIAM only..
That shyness never left my whole face/body until office hour ended.. fingers were still shaking..

Then came 12th November...
It was my birthday..and it was Mummy giving birthday(years ago)..
I was out with bf whole day, but told him I want to go home to blow the candle with mummy..
Every birthday in my house will only be celebrated using 1 SLICE of cake. So what I did was bought a fruit tart (grape) and a pandan roll..
blew candle at the exact time I was born with mummy

That was the happy me, with my omma (mummy) and win win..
Win2 was more excited about the cake than I was...
Had nasi lemak for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and Nando's for dinner...

Overall... It was a happy birthday for me.. 
Oh yeah... I had Juice Work for more than 5 times in this month.. Went and got my free Juice work drink on my birthday TOOOO...
SMM never works on Birthday... Should I work next year??

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