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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nestle's World Walking Day


We (me and Susi) decided to sign up for the walking day.

Was suppose to sit and study for my exam but here I am toooooooooo stressed that I got distracted and ended up on my blog page and was clicking on the Nestle's advertisement.  Looks tempting.

Asked mum if she want to join along but she looked at the time and the 1st thing she asked was " you can get up or not?" and all I replied was "Can lar, got Nestle's breakfast". "Free lagi tu".

Haha. That was 4pm. Susi was sleeping, didnt get to ask her.  7.30pm after dinner, immediatly asked her and she said "YES".. signed up and we got our confirmation.. "40" & "42" inch baju.  I takut besar sgt but big better than small, I don't want to regret seeing my SMALL baju which I can't fit in.

Immediately forwarded the link to my colleagues too.. Wonder if any1 wants to join.

Join if you want.. Click here and proceed.

Love free things.. Malaysian mar.. KEDEKUT.. =)

Nestle - Good Food, Good Life.

Singing Offf for now. =)

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