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Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm not sure if I've ever posted anything about karma. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.. But I'm just wondering if every1 believes in karma where 'you be good, other be good too', you be/do bad, you get the bad luck back'..

I believe it to a certain extend.. My dad used to say, 'not necessarily must do, even your thoughts can hit you back'.

I'm scared of consequences.. I'll always try to think what others will feel when I do it to them.. But somehow, it irritates me at moment and I'm like 'screw karma to hell'.. Talk about how I'll hurt that person, do this and do that, but got no guts to do it..

WTF man.. I'm so screwed.. All I do is think of others. Have anyone else thought about me??

I'm so in the mood to fuck around and don't bother about what others think.

Screw the fella who stole my car emblem.. Slap kau him..

Screw the fella who smashed my window just to take my smart tag..

Who else do I need to screw in this life??

Wish to use the screw and screw kau their balls.. Maybe then the balls will kecut abit then they wun do all this and then go and buy if they need it..

Sooo many and and and

I wanna pancit ppl's tyre also think so many things. Like they will have to incur cost to do this, do that..

Why others no think 1???

Looks like my post is getting more and more irrelevant..

I'm gonna relax n sleep now..


Ignore me

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Exam or no exam

Here it goes again.

My screwed-up emotions because of exam. I'm constantly thinking about where to go, what to do, which place should we visit and where to go and eat.

Not even worried about the result but am scared if I fail, how people will start thinking why is this girl failing? Not clever enough? Or she is just too dumb? (my bf calls me a "dumbass")

I even snapshot the 2013 calendar and have already decided of places that I want to visit for next year.

How crazy can I be?

Constantly begging my boyfriend, telling him that I don't want to continue sitting for anymore papers. It's okay for him to sit for exam and suffer and it's so NOT OKAY for me to sit for exam and suffer because he will be the breadwinner for the family while I work only to pamper myself. At least I won't be using much of his money, which he repeatedly says NO..

Why why why? Tell me why should I study. Just like I said, I want to work just to earn the money and pamper myself. Your money will be kept to be used for our future, and I won't be using much of yours.

Oowwwhhhhhhh I hate this feeling.. I really hope when the world comes to an end and if I ever survive, ppl can just forget about this professional studies and lets just work and increment and bonus based on experience and hard work while not that stupid exams because I really don't see this exams as the KEY to my success in my company. The only advantage that I see for now is you can sign papers.. Like WTf.. If I work long enough, have enough experience, I can do the same thing. Why must I suffer and do that exam? My brains doesn't get smarter by learning.. I just get more and more tired, more and more white hair, more and more headache, more and more of everything. Most of all more and more SAD.

I'm just being emotional.. Screw my mood.. Can I just pass? Not asking for more than this.. I think I'm willing to eat less salt, less fried stuff to get a pass.. Lets trade k?

Just a pass will make me happy..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nestle's World Walking Day


We (me and Susi) decided to sign up for the walking day.

Was suppose to sit and study for my exam but here I am toooooooooo stressed that I got distracted and ended up on my blog page and was clicking on the Nestle's advertisement.  Looks tempting.

Asked mum if she want to join along but she looked at the time and the 1st thing she asked was " you can get up or not?" and all I replied was "Can lar, got Nestle's breakfast". "Free lagi tu".

Haha. That was 4pm. Susi was sleeping, didnt get to ask her.  7.30pm after dinner, immediatly asked her and she said "YES".. signed up and we got our confirmation.. "40" & "42" inch baju.  I takut besar sgt but big better than small, I don't want to regret seeing my SMALL baju which I can't fit in.

Immediately forwarded the link to my colleagues too.. Wonder if any1 wants to join.

Join if you want.. Click here and proceed.

Love free things.. Malaysian mar.. KEDEKUT.. =)

Nestle - Good Food, Good Life.

Singing Offf for now. =)

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