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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Senior Team Member Course

Guess I did post about me being promoted to a senior in my so long ago post.

We were only invited to the senior course in MAY..
Lucky it was after the PEAK.

We were suppose to reach office by 7am because according to the email sent to us, the bus was leaving at 7AM SHARP. They lied, bus only reached the office at 7.30 and we left the office at 7.45.

I left the house at 6.50, younger sister was supposed to send me but told her she could drive back because she's too good a driver "Slow" to be exact.  Decided not to follow the rules and did not stop at red lights, overtook although it was double line. I was a horrible driver on that day.

I did not get any summon (I checked).  Lucky me.  Reached office 7.05. That was early because normally it will take me 30 mnts to reach office.

While driving I was wondering how come my other 2 colleagues did not call me. Rupa-rupany they were later than me to arrive.

I had a terrible stomach on that day.  Diarrhea stayed with the whole day.

Damn... See the toilet bowl up there? I thought since it was a 5 star hotel, there will be a pipe at the side.. now so Hi-Tech.  @#$%^&*()..

The first thing that came up to my mind was, I hope the room hotel got pipe.

Neway, I still sat and did my chocolate business happily.

Sat in the hall listening to one after another. Form 9.30Am till 6PM. Tiring 7pm was dinner.

We were allowed to go to our room. HAPPY... happy yang tak tesampai.

All of us got our own card to access into the room. Me and shall shared a room. guess what my name was this time?

Instead of Sharmini Manan it was Sharmini "BT" Manan. Bila mana plak???
See that beautiful manicured finger nail down there?? that was the facilitators finger, she didn't want ppl to know which room I stayed in.

Did not take any photo of the room, was more interested in sleeping in that to take out my phone to snap any..

Soft nice bed and pillow.

Had a good sleep but it wasnt enough.  We had to be in the hall back for the course at 8.30 in ther morning.

Me got up at 7 and took my shower and get ready.. The nice hot shower with no1 to make any noise asking me to bath faster. started breakfast at 7.30 and ended at 8.30 when every1 else only came down at 8.00 and ate so little becaise facilitator asked them to hurry up.

Finished course at 6pm...

Reached office at 7.30 almost 8 in the night.. just nice for dinner.. Makan sendiri..

*** No idea what I'm writing.. I'm in the office and many other people behind me.. How i wish I've got a table where my back face the wall..

Time to go home.. Buh Byesss...

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