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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I thought when I got my iPhone I should be blogging more. But nah.. It's nothing like holding the mouse and adding my photos and adding captions below the photo..

I became more and more lazy.. That's sad huh.. I think I should start backy ranting, my travel and food shyts although I know not much people follows my blog now..

Shall start blog hopping soon..

Shall post about my Cameron trip with frenz.. My penang trip with bf.. My soon to come hop-on-hop-off bus trip with my colleagues..

Duh, oh yeah.. Today My senior admitted that she reads my blog.. Expected, because the moment you plan to add me on Facebook, my blog's URL will be the first thing you wanna check out because you can't see any other details about me other than my blog..

I've been obsessed with my Sister's dog.. She is so so cute.. And guess wad, I'm her nanny when my sis is not at home.. I fed her, sit with her, pay her, bath her.. No heart to leave her alone at home...

How can I leave her???

Too cute.. Go Genting also bring her along..

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