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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April is ending soon

My title means exam is just around the corner.. Exam fever started last week when I finally opened the letter that was on my table for more than 2 weeks..

It's my exam examination slip..

Die die die.. I'm worried if I will fail an as usual my bf started that "if you fail I really dunno what to say"

Stupid bf.. Hate u hate u hate u...!!!!!

Both of us are just so busy with work.. We meet less that 3 times a week..

Good thing because we used to meet everyday.. And then we moved on to meeting at every night and now only when we are free...

I get free lunch every Sunday at my in-laws.. So we meet every Sunday and I love lunch and dinner every Sunday's.. Cz it's Indian... Indian food is awesome..

Did I mentioned that I hate beet root? But his mother makes it so nice with raw mango and tairu(Indian yogurt).. Yumsssssssyyyyyyy.. Love it....

Win2 with her cute little face asking for my orange when I was just going to peel it

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