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Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 1/2 days left

I did mention that I'm siting for exam soon right?

When every one will be on leave, I'll be getting up early to get ready for exam..

Don't the Australians know that it's a public holiday for Malaysian's?

As if they care.. And I seriously wanna get this paper done as fast as I can although I'm not done studying the handbook that was given to me in February.. Blame it on my laziness and my peak period..

I had no time for my book..

I'm thinking to take 2 papers next semester.. Shall not be as lazy as now.. At least 1 page a day.. And for that I'll have 12 days of leave..

Oh my, I'm happy thinking about getting leaves..

I'm suppose to stick onto my book but I'm siting in the car service center servicing my car.. That will take another hour to finish..

Faster lar faster lar.. I wanna go n hug my book and study...

Sentences after sentences.. Stupid book.. If only it was 100% objective, I guess I can just tutup Mata and answer the questions.. Now that there is short answers, I have to study the whole book.. =(

Been planing trips after trips and plans after plans.. Barbecue, bus outing, steamboat, Cameron, Singapore, Phuket.. Where else?? Money I need money..

Still waiting and colleague calls asking about work stuff.. Can client wait until I go back to work?? Please...

Cutie win win wanting food.. =)

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