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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old times

Do you still remember the geometric set below???

Was in popular early..
No idea when was the last time I ever stopped into the book store for a walk/ to buy things...

And while browsing the stationery shelves, I saw this very very nice box.. Geometric set box...

I remember I used to buy it when ever there is an exam bcz most of the time, the set will never be complete, so I'll have to buy new 1...

Always made sure I had an extra protractor incase of neighbor in the exam doesn't have 1..

Those were memories...
Nothing can ever take away memories...!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Empty talk..!!!

I said that ill write more when i get my iPhone.. But it was all empty talk..!!! WHY???
Because iPhone's blogger sucks.. I can only put 1 photo in 1 post...!!

Peak is back..!!!
I've started my CPA exam.. But im not studying yet..!!!
Because its too think and i cannot tahan reading so much...!!!
I must pass.. I have to pass..!!!
No failing or im dead..!!!

Did i mention that i've been in the same relationship for the past 7 years???
Yeah..!!!! 7 years..!!!
In love with the same guy..!!!

I love you bahbeh..!!!!

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