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Friday, December 28, 2012

Thousand Years

When you love someone, do you expect to have something in return?
When you love someone, do you only think of that soul?
When you love someone, will you give up on things that will let that soul be happy?
When you love someone, don't you just want that soul to be happy?
When you are hurt, will you hurt them too?

I'm pretty lucky that life's been good to me...
I've found the correct guy although once in a while I wish I was single because he is soooo PROTECTIVE...
OMG.. I really hate that part.. Is that because he is an INDIAN?? are all Indian's like that??

I always believe that if it's mine it will always be mine.
No point fighting for something that is not mine..
Karma will come back finding for mistakes done..
Lets pray that all my past birth karma's have been solved..
Found out that I was sort of a bad boy in my past life and now I'm back as a girl to be cheated by men..
Fuck Shyt.. that's not gonna happen in this life I guess..

Was too smart to be cheated and I've done my share of good karma in this life.

Keep wads mine and share wads not mine.

and OMG its gonna be my 8th year anniversary in 2 months time..
and I've been cheated by the same guy for the past 7 years.

Counting down my years/days before I end my single-hood..
Long more to go....*fffuuuuhhhhhhh* relax relax..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Ma Birthday

My birthday falls on 12th November every YEAR.

This years birthday is a little different because I had 3 candle blowing session.. 2 cakes and another was just a fruit tart & pandan roll..

My mum's side always have monthly birthday celebration and in advance (not intentionally) I get to choose my cake. How it happened was I went out my aunty (uncle's wife) and we went into a cake shop in Pavillion "Delectable" and I saw this very cute/nice/beautiful chocolate strawberry round cake.. I'm not a dessert person but the cake just looks so nice..
 Now, tell me if it didn't temp u???

This is Orange flavour..

I got my 1 piece of chocolate cake and I was satisfied.. the cream was a hard 1.. and it melt if your mouth..
this is me with a BIG sharp knife waiting to SLAUGHTER the cake.. 
Love this picture a lot

I got to eat the biggest, loveliest strawberry..
I was the FAT PIG that day...
Because I had McDonalds for lunch and dinner I had KFC, PIZZA HUT and DOMINO..
I gained 2 kg that night.  FAT FarK..
That was that night on 3rd November 2012...

On 9th November was a surprise early celebration.. (I kinda guessed it before I got to see my cake)
When everyone was still eating in the pantry, I went back to work because I had to rush out my notes for technical discussion.. It didn't strike me then that there was something "fishy" going on.. Secretary whatsapp-ed me "come to balcony(pantry)", and I was like "what on earth is going on"..then another colleague called and ask me to take her water bottle to the pantry.. SUSPECTED..
Ngam ngam another colleague was going to the pantry and I asked for her help and she gave me this *something is going on but i can't tell you " smile.. THERE I knew it.. and they told me to take the bottle there myself.. Cake wasn't there yet and they keep forcing me to sit there to listen to stories.. 
OH MY.. all I wanted to do at that moment was just finish my notes and they forced me to sit down.. I was kinda shy tooo.. and being an idiot, I told them 'once the cake comes, ill come over again"... DAMN. So tak tau malu.. 
Cake came after 5 minutes and I instantly became SHY... Duh.. what was I thinking.. SHY SHY SHY.. My very 1st time being so shy... My face was HOT HOT HOT. very very hot but I wasn't red.
 I couldn't smile naturally like how I used to. I had to force smile for photo.

 I had to force smile.. I forgot how to smile at that very moment..

 This is only applicable to IES colleagues..

Thank to all my colleagues I finally felt shy.. Have always been noisy and outspoken, but that very moment DIAM only..
That shyness never left my whole face/body until office hour ended.. fingers were still shaking..

Then came 12th November...
It was my birthday..and it was Mummy giving birthday(years ago)..
I was out with bf whole day, but told him I want to go home to blow the candle with mummy..
Every birthday in my house will only be celebrated using 1 SLICE of cake. So what I did was bought a fruit tart (grape) and a pandan roll..
blew candle at the exact time I was born with mummy

That was the happy me, with my omma (mummy) and win win..
Win2 was more excited about the cake than I was...
Had nasi lemak for breakfast, McDonalds for lunch and Nando's for dinner...

Overall... It was a happy birthday for me.. 
Oh yeah... I had Juice Work for more than 5 times in this month.. Went and got my free Juice work drink on my birthday TOOOO...
SMM never works on Birthday... Should I work next year??

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I'm not sure if I've ever posted anything about karma. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.. But I'm just wondering if every1 believes in karma where 'you be good, other be good too', you be/do bad, you get the bad luck back'..

I believe it to a certain extend.. My dad used to say, 'not necessarily must do, even your thoughts can hit you back'.

I'm scared of consequences.. I'll always try to think what others will feel when I do it to them.. But somehow, it irritates me at moment and I'm like 'screw karma to hell'.. Talk about how I'll hurt that person, do this and do that, but got no guts to do it..

WTF man.. I'm so screwed.. All I do is think of others. Have anyone else thought about me??

I'm so in the mood to fuck around and don't bother about what others think.

Screw the fella who stole my car emblem.. Slap kau him..

Screw the fella who smashed my window just to take my smart tag..

Who else do I need to screw in this life??

Wish to use the screw and screw kau their balls.. Maybe then the balls will kecut abit then they wun do all this and then go and buy if they need it..

Sooo many and and and

I wanna pancit ppl's tyre also think so many things. Like they will have to incur cost to do this, do that..

Why others no think 1???

Looks like my post is getting more and more irrelevant..

I'm gonna relax n sleep now..


Ignore me

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Exam or no exam

Here it goes again.

My screwed-up emotions because of exam. I'm constantly thinking about where to go, what to do, which place should we visit and where to go and eat.

Not even worried about the result but am scared if I fail, how people will start thinking why is this girl failing? Not clever enough? Or she is just too dumb? (my bf calls me a "dumbass")

I even snapshot the 2013 calendar and have already decided of places that I want to visit for next year.

How crazy can I be?

Constantly begging my boyfriend, telling him that I don't want to continue sitting for anymore papers. It's okay for him to sit for exam and suffer and it's so NOT OKAY for me to sit for exam and suffer because he will be the breadwinner for the family while I work only to pamper myself. At least I won't be using much of his money, which he repeatedly says NO..

Why why why? Tell me why should I study. Just like I said, I want to work just to earn the money and pamper myself. Your money will be kept to be used for our future, and I won't be using much of yours.

Oowwwhhhhhhh I hate this feeling.. I really hope when the world comes to an end and if I ever survive, ppl can just forget about this professional studies and lets just work and increment and bonus based on experience and hard work while not that stupid exams because I really don't see this exams as the KEY to my success in my company. The only advantage that I see for now is you can sign papers.. Like WTf.. If I work long enough, have enough experience, I can do the same thing. Why must I suffer and do that exam? My brains doesn't get smarter by learning.. I just get more and more tired, more and more white hair, more and more headache, more and more of everything. Most of all more and more SAD.

I'm just being emotional.. Screw my mood.. Can I just pass? Not asking for more than this.. I think I'm willing to eat less salt, less fried stuff to get a pass.. Lets trade k?

Just a pass will make me happy..

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nestle's World Walking Day


We (me and Susi) decided to sign up for the walking day.

Was suppose to sit and study for my exam but here I am toooooooooo stressed that I got distracted and ended up on my blog page and was clicking on the Nestle's advertisement.  Looks tempting.

Asked mum if she want to join along but she looked at the time and the 1st thing she asked was " you can get up or not?" and all I replied was "Can lar, got Nestle's breakfast". "Free lagi tu".

Haha. That was 4pm. Susi was sleeping, didnt get to ask her.  7.30pm after dinner, immediatly asked her and she said "YES".. signed up and we got our confirmation.. "40" & "42" inch baju.  I takut besar sgt but big better than small, I don't want to regret seeing my SMALL baju which I can't fit in.

Immediately forwarded the link to my colleagues too.. Wonder if any1 wants to join.

Join if you want.. Click here and proceed.

Love free things.. Malaysian mar.. KEDEKUT.. =)

Nestle - Good Food, Good Life.

Singing Offf for now. =)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Win or Lose

To win or to lose a game is not a big deal afterall because a good game/opponent in the game is what everyone needs in a game..

Datuk Lee made his way to 2nd.. He WON..!! He just didn't get 1st..

Our very 1st medal, be proud of it..

Baskin Robbin and what ever that was gonna be free, should have still be given bcz without Datuk, there would not even be a medal in the 1st place..

Why make a big fuss about being 2nd?

2nd better than nothing..

Datuk, you won.. You win..

Be happy and proud about it..!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Relationship (love)

What does relationship means to me?
Trust me, at this point, I kinda fail to understand because I like being alone. I wanna be alone..
All by myself, but ain't I too lonely??
Thought so..

Am I being selfish to the ones who love me and care for me??
Thought so toooo

I don't like sticky people.
I don't like ppl asking abt my whereabouts.
I don't like ppl disturbing my plans(I.e. when I choose to stay at home and not go out..)
I don't like to be told what to do and what not to.

I like to do things my way..
I am a fussy person..
Stubborn to be exact..

AND I'm in a love relationship for the past 7 years...

I have no idea how he stomachz me..
It doesn't matter anymore..

We had our ups n downs..
We did everything we could to hurt each other..
We are now doing everything to stay together...

What else can I ask from sumone who takes my tantrums?

I love u.!!!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Kin Kin Chilli Pan Mee

I was too "sam kap"(anxious) that I did not take the photo when the noodle came and I "lou" (mixed) the noodle ady
I can't stop thinking about the noodle while writing this post.
It was too delicious (saliva dripping) *slurp slurp*
Since I stop college, since I start work, I stop going to Kin Kin Restaurant.

Kinda far from where I stay, hate getting into the jam along Chow Kit road and they close around 7pm++

The other day joined my colleagues for Hop-On-Hop-Off bus trip and 1 of the stop that we were supposed to go was for this delicious noodle.. we had to walk all the way from the other side of the road (where KFC was situated) to the restaurant.. YUmmmmssssss. Feel like heading to Publika's EAT Food Village to have the noodle now.

Different between Restaurant Kin Kin in Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (TAR) and Publika (PUB) is the price and service... The noodle in TAR is RM6.00 and PUB is RM7.50. The service in TAR is slow and PUB is fast.

*taken from vkeong* thank u thank u

Restoran Kin Kin

No. 40, Ground Floor,
Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman 1,
off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Kuala Lumpur
Opens: Monday to Friday (7.30am- 9pm), Saturday & Sunday (7.30am – 4.30pm)

I know the descriptions are gone.. (go and check out the place)

Publika Shopping Gallery,

Level UG1,No.1,Jalan Dutamas 1,
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
opening hours: 10am-8pm

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Birthday AH Win

It's win win's 4th birthday today..

She is older than me.. 28 year old lady


Other Half Betrayal

What does betrayal mean to many people? Is it betrayal only when your other half goes on bed with another person or flirting to an unacceptable level? Or having sex conversation where it is not appropriate?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Senior Team Member Course

Guess I did post about me being promoted to a senior in my so long ago post.

We were only invited to the senior course in MAY..
Lucky it was after the PEAK.

We were suppose to reach office by 7am because according to the email sent to us, the bus was leaving at 7AM SHARP. They lied, bus only reached the office at 7.30 and we left the office at 7.45.

I left the house at 6.50, younger sister was supposed to send me but told her she could drive back because she's too good a driver "Slow" to be exact.  Decided not to follow the rules and did not stop at red lights, overtook although it was double line. I was a horrible driver on that day.

I did not get any summon (I checked).  Lucky me.  Reached office 7.05. That was early because normally it will take me 30 mnts to reach office.

While driving I was wondering how come my other 2 colleagues did not call me. Rupa-rupany they were later than me to arrive.

I had a terrible stomach on that day.  Diarrhea stayed with the whole day.

Damn... See the toilet bowl up there? I thought since it was a 5 star hotel, there will be a pipe at the side.. now so Hi-Tech.  @#$%^&*()..

The first thing that came up to my mind was, I hope the room hotel got pipe.

Neway, I still sat and did my chocolate business happily.

Sat in the hall listening to one after another. Form 9.30Am till 6PM. Tiring 7pm was dinner.

We were allowed to go to our room. HAPPY... happy yang tak tesampai.

All of us got our own card to access into the room. Me and shall shared a room. guess what my name was this time?

Instead of Sharmini Manan it was Sharmini "BT" Manan. Bila mana plak???
See that beautiful manicured finger nail down there?? that was the facilitators finger, she didn't want ppl to know which room I stayed in.

Did not take any photo of the room, was more interested in sleeping in that to take out my phone to snap any..

Soft nice bed and pillow.

Had a good sleep but it wasnt enough.  We had to be in the hall back for the course at 8.30 in ther morning.

Me got up at 7 and took my shower and get ready.. The nice hot shower with no1 to make any noise asking me to bath faster. started breakfast at 7.30 and ended at 8.30 when every1 else only came down at 8.00 and ate so little becaise facilitator asked them to hurry up.

Finished course at 6pm...

Reached office at 7.30 almost 8 in the night.. just nice for dinner.. Makan sendiri..

*** No idea what I'm writing.. I'm in the office and many other people behind me.. How i wish I've got a table where my back face the wall..

Time to go home.. Buh Byesss...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I thought when I got my iPhone I should be blogging more. But nah.. It's nothing like holding the mouse and adding my photos and adding captions below the photo..

I became more and more lazy.. That's sad huh.. I think I should start backy ranting, my travel and food shyts although I know not much people follows my blog now..

Shall start blog hopping soon..

Shall post about my Cameron trip with frenz.. My penang trip with bf.. My soon to come hop-on-hop-off bus trip with my colleagues..

Duh, oh yeah.. Today My senior admitted that she reads my blog.. Expected, because the moment you plan to add me on Facebook, my blog's URL will be the first thing you wanna check out because you can't see any other details about me other than my blog..

I've been obsessed with my Sister's dog.. She is so so cute.. And guess wad, I'm her nanny when my sis is not at home.. I fed her, sit with her, pay her, bath her.. No heart to leave her alone at home...

How can I leave her???

Too cute.. Go Genting also bring her along..

Friday, May 4, 2012

Exam exam

Fuh... I'm done with my 1st paper.. Hopefully pass..

Found the paper hard because I'm not smart enough.. Shouldn't be lazy lar...

My bf only took 3 days to do revision to sit for paper.. That's because he's smart and I'm not.. I hate exams.. That's y ill never b smart...

Exams make me feel so emotional.. Lack of love although there's everyone around me..


No bloody idea.. Neway, 1st paper done.. No regrets...

Thursday, April 26, 2012

4 1/2 days left

I did mention that I'm siting for exam soon right?

When every one will be on leave, I'll be getting up early to get ready for exam..

Don't the Australians know that it's a public holiday for Malaysian's?

As if they care.. And I seriously wanna get this paper done as fast as I can although I'm not done studying the handbook that was given to me in February.. Blame it on my laziness and my peak period..

I had no time for my book..

I'm thinking to take 2 papers next semester.. Shall not be as lazy as now.. At least 1 page a day.. And for that I'll have 12 days of leave..

Oh my, I'm happy thinking about getting leaves..

I'm suppose to stick onto my book but I'm siting in the car service center servicing my car.. That will take another hour to finish..

Faster lar faster lar.. I wanna go n hug my book and study...

Sentences after sentences.. Stupid book.. If only it was 100% objective, I guess I can just tutup Mata and answer the questions.. Now that there is short answers, I have to study the whole book.. =(

Been planing trips after trips and plans after plans.. Barbecue, bus outing, steamboat, Cameron, Singapore, Phuket.. Where else?? Money I need money..

Still waiting and colleague calls asking about work stuff.. Can client wait until I go back to work?? Please...

Cutie win win wanting food.. =)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

April is ending soon

My title means exam is just around the corner.. Exam fever started last week when I finally opened the letter that was on my table for more than 2 weeks..

It's my exam examination slip..

Die die die.. I'm worried if I will fail an as usual my bf started that "if you fail I really dunno what to say"

Stupid bf.. Hate u hate u hate u...!!!!!

Both of us are just so busy with work.. We meet less that 3 times a week..

Good thing because we used to meet everyday.. And then we moved on to meeting at every night and now only when we are free...

I get free lunch every Sunday at my in-laws.. So we meet every Sunday and I love lunch and dinner every Sunday's.. Cz it's Indian... Indian food is awesome..

Did I mentioned that I hate beet root? But his mother makes it so nice with raw mango and tairu(Indian yogurt).. Yumsssssssyyyyyyy.. Love it....

Win2 with her cute little face asking for my orange when I was just going to peel it

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I hate myself

I hate being sarcastic...
I hate being who I am now

Why? Hormone changes?
Surrounding ppl?

I can't hide myself...
When I know it's wrong and I can't confront the person, I start being sarcastic...

it's like to tell the other person I know wad you did, but I'm just not saying it on ur face...
That's like BAD.. Seriously bad because I tend to hurt others by doing that and people are currently feeling the changes in me, which I can feel it myself tooooo...

I know it haven't gone to the 'other ppl hating me' stage.. And I don't want it to head there either..

I need a peaceful life for myself.. And I can't take it when it's unfair...

Guess I just need to learn to shut up.. Maybe that could help abit...

Should also learn to think before I utter anything to anyone to prevent all the other unwanted things in life which will leave others to do drastically that will eventually hurt me and kill me to death.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Worst days of my life..!!!

A normal human is not suppose to hate any Saturday's of their life....

Todate, I've hated 3 Saturdays...
1 in 2005 and 2 this years...
It's like the days I've cried too much that I would really hope that it never happened... But now I feel so much better because I know papa up there doesn't want to fail me...
Somehow, guessed he just wanted me to appreciate things more...

No1 died in case any of you think that I cried a lot because someone was dead...

I'm stressed up with work because of the workload... Somehow I know I'll get through it.. So, I'm not really that that that stressed up till I'll shout at anyone...( colleagues were discussing that I'm kinda fierce this 2 weeks)

Hope this will be good after this...

I shouldn't have taken any paper this semester because it's peak and I haven't been studying... I'll have to rush all my work and sit whole April to study..!!!! I have to..!!!!

I love you mummy..!!! We can never function without you.

Come home fast..!!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bro's 21st Birthday..!!!

My brother is finally 21...!!!!
Everyone in my house is officially legal on the 1st of March...!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old times

Do you still remember the geometric set below???

Was in popular early..
No idea when was the last time I ever stopped into the book store for a walk/ to buy things...

And while browsing the stationery shelves, I saw this very very nice box.. Geometric set box...

I remember I used to buy it when ever there is an exam bcz most of the time, the set will never be complete, so I'll have to buy new 1...

Always made sure I had an extra protractor incase of neighbor in the exam doesn't have 1..

Those were memories...
Nothing can ever take away memories...!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Empty talk..!!!

I said that ill write more when i get my iPhone.. But it was all empty talk..!!! WHY???
Because iPhone's blogger sucks.. I can only put 1 photo in 1 post...!!

Peak is back..!!!
I've started my CPA exam.. But im not studying yet..!!!
Because its too think and i cannot tahan reading so much...!!!
I must pass.. I have to pass..!!!
No failing or im dead..!!!

Did i mention that i've been in the same relationship for the past 7 years???
Yeah..!!!! 7 years..!!!
In love with the same guy..!!!

I love you bahbeh..!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Just another day

I really really wonder wads with the marriage issue between both fathers...

I know they are concern but I'm not ready to get married because I've not achieved enough in life...

Cut the crap dads.. Im happy with how things are now...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Holiday !!!!!!

Im on holiday now when every1 is working on the last working day for year 2011... Got my new car yesterday..

Dear god, I'm satisfied with everything that has happened in year 2011 except for what my grandma i going through.. I can't help her.. I cant do anything except for seeing her n talking to her n making her laugh with silly jokes just to make sure she dun feel left out just because she is in a bad condition....

Watami japanese restaurant in 1Utama

Senior will always be a senior..
My senior Kim is like the best senior ever.. She was my main senior, i've change up to 3 other senior except for her.. Eventhough i'm ady a senior, she still helps me when i need help...

Special thanks to her for spending me, for being a good guider, for being a good fren....

THANK YOU senior!!!!!!
You are the best!!!!!!

Chicken katsu

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