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Sunday, December 25, 2011


I'm promoted to be a senior.
It means more responsibility, more pay, more sleepless nights... 😭

I went home early on Friday because head was super aching.. Went out for dinner and came home with extra headache... Saw there was a wall post from senior congratulating me and i was like uh...??? Why??? ❔❔❔❔

Was waiting for her reply n slept off

At 1.30am, bf msg me 'congrats' n i was like okie lar, senior replied d, immediately i know wad was going then...

Msg my senior until 2 almost 3...

Lifez not gonna be easy anymore..

God, thank you so much for the guidance n support u have given me all this time.. Thank you for helping me in my journey called LIFE.. U have never failed me for the past 24 years...

U gave me good parent, siblings that fight n get back together after a fight.. A bf that loves me ( but he's a pig) n i love him too.. Friends who never fail me when i need them.. Soon to be in-laws that are great (have i ever mention that my mum-in-laws cooking is awesome??n i get lunch n dinner every sundays)... Thank you for everything...

I know that you made sure the car color was white although i wanted silver.. U made me make a big fuss and then sumone comes n say, hey that color is meant for you.. Its like u have planed everything n then the day to take my car, u made sure bf is not around so that u choose the good day to get the car.. Thank you...

No amount of time me saying thank you will be enough for me to show how grateful i am to u..

Im lucky!!! N I'm proud to be my parents daughter!!!

- a job
- high pay
- bonus
- iPhone
- car
- promotion
- good health

God, for 2012 my 1st wish is to see my grandma start walking on herself and have back her lost confidence.. I wish, u can grant the grandmother wish because that is what my omma's wish is....

- to go to Harbin with my omma
- to go to Melbourne with bf if there is sufficient fund
- higher bonus
- buy a house if god give extra money
- parents good health

I just cant think much.. There4 god, I'm leaving all my plans and wishes in ur hand...grant me all... Lap u goody godly god

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