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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My new phone

So so 1st post from the iPhone.... I've got the new iPhone 4s.. Nothing in particular to brag abt because its just like the old iPhone 4... N its just more heavier than my old phone..

Was just telling my bf's sister, 'its only precious as long as the phone doesn't drop, once drop then its just like any other phone..

Me n bf decided to get the phone together.. Me generally will prefer the samsung galaxy SII but bf said no.. We are getting the iPhone.. Expenditure just shoot up for this month cz I'm getting myself a car tooooooo....

Im seriously praying for miracle now bcz next years expenditure is just NUTS.

I need miracle to happen.....

Work sucks....

To be fair work doesn't suck, the overloaded task sucks.... How to get promoted in this shyt situation uh???

IPhone battery dies FAST.... What the +{{}#%^**+~||>*

Christmas is next week.. Will my wish come true??

Going to in laws place to have lunch in a while... Byessss

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