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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paranomal Activity 3 (nth about it)

I am one person who hates watching horror movie..
Hate it when ghost scares me..

I believe there is ghost on earth, but we just cant see them because our HIJAB  (3rd eye) is not open (I watched Al-Hijab too).

Everytime I know that the ghost MIGHT come out, I'll just close my eye..
Call me scardy cat.. YES I AM..

I notice that I hate moving or going to new place to stay..
Just like when I go to my bf's place, I hate the darknest there..

I never like new place that is dark..

And just imagine this girl played BlOODY MARY (one of my post title) with the camera guy in the toilet...
Got scratched and things were moving and her hair got pulled upwards..
Jeremy had to be an ass.. was working, and he came beside my ear n whispered bloody mary..
Need a smack on his ass..

So we went early to the cinema, me, bf, sis n bro (Duh hate it that I had to pay for the movie)..
Then we bought popcorns & drinks...

It cost me RM14.90 each.. We got the Cars & The Ghostly human bone cup with a brain on top of it...
Oh yeah, cars' had the roda (tyre) thingy too for the cup...
Damn cute

** No idea what title to put.. So simply main letak nie

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