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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bloody Mary

Duh.. The 1st thing when I knew what bloody mary was.. I puked.

I am 1 person who rarely drink because I hate the taste of alcohol.
Tried Tiger, Heineken, Carlsberg.. NO... I don't like the taste neither does my body likes it because if I ever drink any of those, my arm will have rashed (itchy) and bones will be paining, therefore I stoped beer..

Hate shandy..

Then tried Mojito, it taste like antibiotik (the pink liquid 1)

Then there was this 1 day, my bf, me, both my sis n bro went to this bar in Menjalara (some German bar)..
There my bf dared my brother to drink Tequila in 1 shot and not puke (cz my bro got problem with beers too)..

My brother SURVIVED.. no puking, no headache, went home in 1 piece.. (yeah, 1 small glass is nth)
and I ordered this BLOODY MARY....

It seriously was a BLOODY mary because it was TOMATO JUICE...
I eat tomatoes but never liked the thick juice of it.. I liked off the salt but not the juice because it was so YUCKY.... eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..

The 1st thing I thought was "how I wish Jeremy was here".. because he loves tomato juice and he even put salt n pepper in it.. (weirdo..!!! just like me (tosai with rasam, oats with milo/rasam))..

That shall be my 1st & last time ordering bloody mary.

I wanna marry you...!!!!!!! =)


Anonymous said...

bloody mary is a mixture of tomato juice and liquor, together with Worcestershire juice and tabasco. that's why it taste like tomato with yucky taste~ :D

woaini_87 said...

It was too yucky that I took 1 sip and I left it.. cost me over RM20.. =(

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