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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dave's Cafe & Bistro & Deepavali Part 1

Check this & this out.. everything there looks yummy yummy

My senior is leaving..
The 1 who stood up for herself..
The 1 who who does things when she think is right...

So as a good junior to her, me and Jeremy (her son(literally)) decided that we should take her to somewhere good..
Somewhere like DAVE's... It's a non-halal place..
But the food ther is just so superb...
Especailly my Cream Carbonara Bacon & Mushroom
Oh my yummy yummy angel hair creamy carbonara bacon & mushroom
Anything that has carbonara is the best.. ADD cheese powder.. sumore yummy....
OMG.. Im craving for it d...

Deepavali was good...
Got up at 7 in the morning.. had prayers at home..
Then went to bf's house...
trust me, I wish the ground can swallow me when his relatives started coming in.. flowing in like water..

I had to be the good girl, be at my best... Not like I'm being a hypocrite, just that not as crazy as if it's my hse..
No shouting and no screaming..

I remember how my hse used to have open house too...
Yesterday was nothing compared to my hse open hse (we stoped when grandma passed away)

They had less than 50 ppl.. where else if it was my hse, my dad's friends, my mums side (60 ++ ppls) then my aunt's frens and all... OMG... that like more that 100++ ppls and just imagine we never had maids, there4 we are the maids... Mum cooks, we wash, serve drink made sure there was enough food on the table, then made sure enough drink in the container, wash all the plates when some1 finish eating..

The worst part will be when we gotta clean up...

Okie enough of my hse open when we are not gonna do that anymore until moment comes where my dad gets a little crazy and say, "LETS DO IT"....

Went over to bf's hse around 11am...
His mum gave me ANGPAU...!!!! yeah.. not a small amount... (same par with bf i guess)..
Had breakfast with them..mother in law was being nice...
Good start.. and bf had to dig a little bcz the last time i went to thie hse for Deepavali was 6 years back where our relationship was no accepted yet... But no drama ler.. (lucky)..

Now thinking back, worth all the wait because our relationship now is good, I even helped to do a little kitchen (plucking leave) stuffs..

Then went home to my hse for a short time because stomach toooo sakit.. (no idea what I ate).. We were on time.. aunty came over to my place and was giving out purple packets too.... So did my dad..

** Part 2 will be continued.. (no photo's taken)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paranomal Activity 3 (nth about it)

I am one person who hates watching horror movie..
Hate it when ghost scares me..

I believe there is ghost on earth, but we just cant see them because our HIJAB  (3rd eye) is not open (I watched Al-Hijab too).

Everytime I know that the ghost MIGHT come out, I'll just close my eye..
Call me scardy cat.. YES I AM..

I notice that I hate moving or going to new place to stay..
Just like when I go to my bf's place, I hate the darknest there..

I never like new place that is dark..

And just imagine this girl played BlOODY MARY (one of my post title) with the camera guy in the toilet...
Got scratched and things were moving and her hair got pulled upwards..
Jeremy had to be an ass.. was working, and he came beside my ear n whispered bloody mary..
Need a smack on his ass..

So we went early to the cinema, me, bf, sis n bro (Duh hate it that I had to pay for the movie)..
Then we bought popcorns & drinks...

It cost me RM14.90 each.. We got the Cars & The Ghostly human bone cup with a brain on top of it...
Oh yeah, cars' had the roda (tyre) thingy too for the cup...
Damn cute

** No idea what title to put.. So simply main letak nie

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bloody Mary

Duh.. The 1st thing when I knew what bloody mary was.. I puked.

I am 1 person who rarely drink because I hate the taste of alcohol.
Tried Tiger, Heineken, Carlsberg.. NO... I don't like the taste neither does my body likes it because if I ever drink any of those, my arm will have rashed (itchy) and bones will be paining, therefore I stoped beer..

Hate shandy..

Then tried Mojito, it taste like antibiotik (the pink liquid 1)

Then there was this 1 day, my bf, me, both my sis n bro went to this bar in Menjalara (some German bar)..
There my bf dared my brother to drink Tequila in 1 shot and not puke (cz my bro got problem with beers too)..

My brother SURVIVED.. no puking, no headache, went home in 1 piece.. (yeah, 1 small glass is nth)
and I ordered this BLOODY MARY....

It seriously was a BLOODY mary because it was TOMATO JUICE...
I eat tomatoes but never liked the thick juice of it.. I liked off the salt but not the juice because it was so YUCKY.... eeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..

The 1st thing I thought was "how I wish Jeremy was here".. because he loves tomato juice and he even put salt n pepper in it.. (weirdo..!!! just like me (tosai with rasam, oats with milo/rasam))..

That shall be my 1st & last time ordering bloody mary.

I wanna marry you...!!!!!!! =)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tong Pak Fu Dessert @ Sunway Giza

My senior was asked to go to this website and since then she kept askign us when are we going (that was last week) and we decided to go on Tuesday where she will be back after her holiday.

She was very exicted.. Im not a dessert person but agreed since she is leavign soon and this might be out last outing (never had 1 aneway)..

So yesterday, without having any high hope (because Jeremy said that the other time he went and the dessert that he choosed wasn't nice) about the place, we went with a mind to just choose any that looks nice..

We had Mango Snow Ice.. Mango Grass Jelly thingy.. Milk Snow Ice, Durian Snow Ice, Tau Hwa Mango & Choco Lava..

Milk Snow Ice

Mango Tau Hwa

Mango Snow Ice

Grass Jelly mango

Chocolate Lave with Vanilla ice-cream

Glutinous rice ball with sesame & peanut Not bad...

This was the HIGHLIGHT Durian Snow Ice... Yums to the max..

We all ordered 1 each but ended up sharign all our food.. My choco Lava was nice, but to chocky taste.. I would give it a 8/10.. Durian is 10/10... that is how nice the Durian Snow Ice was...

Will definetly go back because it was tooo yummy... after having 6 different desert, our bill was RM67++ and senior's card had only left with 1 empty space to collect the sticker to redeem a free desert, Jeremy wanted to try the glutinous rice ball and was battling eyelash(no idea if he really did that cz all we saw was his ass) with the guy at the cashier to add that RM4++ to our existing RM67++ and give us another sticker which means we will have a free dessert which he successfuly got it and we enjoyed the FREE DURIAN SNOW ICE..That was how yummy it was and we all finished it to the very last bit..

Enjoyed the night..

Edited by senior on her Iphone...
Clock wise from up right TsYin with LCLee, Me with my Choco Lava, Shal & Me, Lclee with Jeremy (center), Me with AFYP...

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