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Thursday, June 2, 2011


One word SUCKS.

After workign hard for filing, all the partner did was take us to Italianese to have lunch.
At least pranakan also i'll be more happier, or maybe DAVE. yumm yummmm
The food in both the place is so nice.

Peranakan's fish curry, never forgettign that and Dave's cabonara spagetti..
Will surely take some photo's for my blogs next time.

Was telling my colleage that I used to take photo of foods but stoped because my bf dun like (he's oways hungry and wanna attact the food as soon as it arrives).. my sibling who got so irritated cz i'm always tryign to get the best angle with my bodoh phone..

Soon lar, soon.. I'm gettign the new Iphone..
The resolution shure good and i can blog dengan segera..

I'm very very busy, but decided to spend some time writing a post.
Can't be leavign my blog empty without writign some nonsence..

Office is very quiet.. the guy who sits beside me is gone for a better offer
used to talk alot and he as usual (GUYS) never wanna keep things, will always borrow my things..

back to work.. adios..

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