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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Love love love

Life been great.
Life been good.
I'm happy that after 6 years of my relationship, everything is in it's place.
I didn't bother to think more tha t what i want and what I could do.
So now, my good and bad karma falls down at it's place and thing are going smoothly.

May 8th was mothers day.
Knowing my mum, she will not want us to buy anything bcz she'll got all that she wants.
And i know the 1 thing that she want's so badly now (her mum/ my grandma to get up and do what she normally does), i cant give her.
So we just took her out for dinner.
In the afternoon went over to my bf's hse for lunch.
The best part was bf was not at home when I went over..

Good start for becoming in-laws..
Dad said 1 thing to bf, "the day you marry my daughter, you become a son".
Haha, who cares about the word in-law...

The idea of getting married, scares me now..

Since mothers day is gone,
Soon enough, fathers day will come..
Dad's still vegetarian, so we will have to crack our head to find for a restaurant that serve's good vegetarian food.

Works been crazy, but i told myself that i'll never work overtime after April.
Work can wait.

Trying to bring myself to exercise everyday which i fail, because i'm too lazy..
3 times a week is just good enough.

I'm so into korean drama's till dad had to say "whats with you and korean drama's?? do you know your bf is so good, i like him so much, don't find a korean guy"..
WHAT on earth/??? haha.. I know dad loves to joke.. neway im happy that all my family likes my bf.. We are comfortable with each other. no hypocrisy.

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