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Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Pipe 1

Yeah... This story is about the pipe and me.
Somewhere around the beginning of this year.
Went out with Wing and Winnie to Pavilion.
We went to eat Ichiban Boshi.

After finishing my food, drinking so much of water, my bladder was so full.
All I wanted to do was go to the washroom beside and pee and get out of the cubicle.
I'm a fast person when it comes to going to toilet and getting out of it.
Never a slow person like how all the other ladies.

Damn I hate it when I go to toilet that is full of humans, to be exact, I mean GIRLS, LADIES, WOMEN'S.
Hate slow pee(ears).

I always use the squatting cubicles whenever I use public toilets.
So what happened was, I went in, Pulled down my pants and was ssssshhhhhhhhhh...
Suddenly my elbow pushed the pipe handle (the one that you turn left and right to open and close the water tap).
There, the hose was facing up, and the pressure of the water was so strong.
The water went up kissed the ceiling and dropped on me.
If not mistaken, I think the lady who was standing outside of my cubicle also kena.
I didn't dare go out.
All I did was offed it immediately, stood up and pull up my pants and kept QUIET.
Dunno wanna say sorry or what.
Because I know the person outside would have scold if I ever said anything.
Kept quiet and buat selamba only.
Let her think that there was a kid playing water in the cubicle.

Haha. Cruel me.
But it wasn't my fault, the cubicle was so small and easy to push the tap handle.
So I waited in the cubicle like 20 mnt's to make sure my cloths were dried up (failed) before exiting the cubicle.
My baju was still a little wet and kinda visible.
But can't be waiting in the cubicle too long also, frens were kinda worried already when I went back.
They said "we were going to call you to ask if you were making bomb in the toilet".
I told them the story and all they did was LAUGH at me.
Bad girls.

I was freezing the moment I went back to my seat cz the place we sat was right down the aircond.

Lucky by the time we left, my baju was dried up.
All thanks to the aircond.

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