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Monday, June 28, 2010

The essence of sri Bhagavad gita..

Why are you unnecessarily worrying?
Whom do you fear?
Who can kill you?
Soul is neither born nor does it dies.

What has happened has happened for the best.
What is happening is happening for the best.
What will happen will happen for the best.
Do not brood over the past.
Do not worry about the future.
The present is on.

What have you lost, that you are weeping?
What have you brought, that you have lost?
What have you made, that have been destroyed?
You brought nothing.
What you have, you got from here,
What you took, you took from here,
What you gave you gave into this universe.

You have come empty handed and shall go empty handed.
What was yours today was somebody else’s in the past and will be someone else’s in the future.

You think it is yours and are deeply engrossed in it.
This attachment is the cause of all your sorrows.


Saw this on the wall of my mum's office...
So just though to share it with everyone...

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suhaisweet said...

Nice...i got latest too, kinda real Good Idea

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