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Saturday, March 6, 2010

He doesn't love me.. =(

He doesn’t love me; when we hold hands, it is too devoid of feelings.
When we hug, it is not close enough.
He doesn’t love me; he is not serious when talking to me
When he is silent, it is too grave.
I know he doesn’t love me,
His eyes have already divulged what is in his heart.
I have seen through his heart, and there is someone else lurking in the shadows.
He has not forgotten as much as he believes.
I’ve seen through his heart, and all it harbours are the moments he shared with her
He doesn’t love me, but even so – he still stole my heart.


rainbow said...

hang in there :) if he doesn't love should not waste another second in your life loving him. is he really that worth it?

woaini_87 said...

erm, lets see, if you love a guy, you definitely will say he is worth it right?? loving someone does not mean i must own him.. i just gotta see him being happy..

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