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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mandarin Palace

Met up with college mate around 6.30pm in Federeal Hotel where the restaurant is situated


Menu for the day

 The entrance of Federal Hotel..
I think the ingredients are for Yee Sang..
 Table of 10..

 One of the tembok there..
 Yee Sang.. Started for the day...

 Superb.. delicious...
 Shark fin soup with crab meat
 Roasted Crispy chicken...
Kinda dry towards the wing side.. but Nice...
 Tiger prawn with special sauce
 Stewed Dried oyster & Sea cucumber with mushroom and FATT CHOI
I likey.. nice nice big MUSHROOM
Fried Glutinous rice with wax meat (lap cheong)

 Sweetened Sea coconut with LEMON
 Kaya flower bread with
 College mates
*taken from KK's facebook photo*
Take 2..
* Take from KK's facebook photo*

Chinese tea per person was RM 2.50
Nuts per table was RM 7.50
1 set dinner was RM 588 per table...
Govt tax was 5%
Service charge was 10 %

Total was RM 1130.30

Food - 4/5 (many of them said NOT FILLING)
Price - 4/5 (if you are working it's okay.. if you are not, expensive ler)
Place - 4/5 (place looks good, feels good.. but got small flying ants..(is that what you call them) landing on your sauce and food)

** if you are a member of Federal Hotel, 1st table is 50% off..

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