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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

8 ParkCity Restaurant

My fingers are so itchy to write a post now.
and it is hurting from playing guitar.

Went to Menjalara Yesterday.
This is opposite where DESA PARK CITY is.. and the OCTAGON condominiums
The guy who took our order for the drinks was kinda RUDE, or i should say, he probably don't like his job. We asked for 2 bottle of SOYA BEAN, but he brought 3 bottle, so we told him we only asked for 2 and he started showing his face.

There were not enough gravy. the chicken taste like it was not fully cooked.

Fried Carrot Cake. RM 3.50
I made sure it was EXTRA CHILLI, and i think that is why, it taste okay...
I like the texture of the CAKE. it was so nice to bite on it.

1 word - TASTELESS
we said EXTRA CHILLI, it's either he forgot to put the chilli, or his chilli MEMANG no taste.

Grilled TAO FU..
Too much of honey on the tao fu, the upper part of it was HARD, lower part was SOFT.
Center portion was cold(it was suppose to be cold) - carrot, cucumber, kacang

Inside portion taste just like KFC coleslaw
Too much of mayonnaise..

Food : 2/5
Price : 3/5
Place : 3/5 (under the trees near the roadside)

* if you like blend food, then this is the place...

P/S : Thank for reminding me it is OKAY and not OKIE...
i always forget and i think i'm gonna reduce the usage of "....."

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