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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leng Lui Photo's

I've been keeping al this photo's in my hp...
at last transferred to my lappie...
So just wanna share wif all of u....

Prefect Gathering is Old Town Bt3
(front 4rm left) Sukhjit, Sharu, Li Zhen, Hui Tze
(Standing 4rm left) Lai Wah, Me, T3, Lassi, Li Teng

(Down 2 Up) Wing, Me, Gin, Winnie(purple) Kok Leong, Wan Xin, Syelwin

Kolej Bandar geng
(back 4rm left) YZhen, JHui, Me, Wing, Wan Xin, Gin, Syelwin, KLeong, Heong and Selina (heong's gf)
(front 4rm left) KSun, YYih, SJiun, HLi, Winnie, Miao

Fishes in DESA PARK CITY...

So many fish ler....!!!

KFC cash vouvher 4rm V Kad....

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